• Classroom Faciliations

  • Foundational Knowledge: In order to be a better speaker, a better communicator, to develop a better understanding of accessibility for students, I need to be able to present information clearly. Professional facilitations provide the opportunity to build community across departments, cross-inform employees of various offices, and receive critical feedback in a way that isn't necessarily graded and often comes with a wider range of student response. Classroom presentations have provided me with excellent opportunities to develop communication skills with partners, disucss topics I would not have considered, and try challenging new formats I have not been introduced to in typical work (such as creating a finacial literacy resource, or crafting a TedTalk presentation). Below is an example of the former. Each of us utilizing our own (what Vélez-Ibáñez & Greenberg's (2005) Formation and transformation of funds of knowledge refers to as) funds of knowledge, Kevin Doan and Seth Bumgarner and I crafted this financial literacy resource and website as an improved-model for financial aid. We looked to increase accessibility as well as include resources not typically considered in financial aid while still considering accessibility of the document. We made attempts to include way-finding methods (maps), simple/clear language, multi-lingual content, as well as ID-matching logic for financial aid guidance. Provided with this are some of my own elaborations on financial literacy and accessibility in higher education.


  • Pursuing Academic Challenge

    Learning How to Learn: There are areas of higher education that I know I find enjoyable- Living/Learning Communities, opportunities to engage in social justice, discovering new theories...but political research has never been my forte or interest. Despite this, I felt it was critical to engage in research and theories that pertain to spheres of influence in higher education that I may not delve into in my future years in the profession. Developing a background knowledge on public policy in higher education felt important as it made me more-aware of variables impacting students. And who knows...if I ever do pursue public policy I will have a foundational knowledge to build off of.

  • Professional Presentations

  • Application & Integration: Below are two presentations from  two different institutions in two very different capacities. The first is a staff presentation introducting various facets of Student Engagement for the benefit of the general DU community. This presentation was created in coordination with Jessie Stellini. When I was first tasked with the creation of this resource, I encouraged our staff to focus on and connect initiatives from DU's strategic plan to what they had practiced throughout the year, as well as to activities and events they might hold in the future.  This was to ensure consistency with our department and the institutional message...the office's of DU are extremely siloed; being intentional in building community was important in the Office of Student Engagement to create a sense of organization. 


  • Application & Integration (cont): This second presentation is from the University of Vermont and was created in coordination with Rachel Kiemele. This presentation focused more on the residential experience for student leaders and providing them with the tools to be successful throughout the academic year. This presentation is provided after a two-week long training.

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