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  • New Design Ideas
    New Design Ideas
  • Current Design Idea (Mechanically Articulated SPD Cleat)

    Based on the new information we collected during our second interview several requirements were agreed on.

    • No electricity. (Avoids the risk of damage from water)
    • Useable with pre-existing pedals (Allows all users access)
    • A mechanical mechanism attached to the prosthetic. (Allows user access while riding and helps to consolidate use to biking prosthetics.)
    • Use original SPD bike cleat design. (Allows all users access)

    With these new requirements in mind, we decided to take a CAD modeled SPD bike cleat and break it into two parts. This would allow us to articulate the bike cleat while clipped in allowing the user to retract the back end. This eliminates the need for a twisting motion to exit the pedal. A pull cord attached to the prosthetic that runs up to knee level provides an accessible way to clip out of the pedal without having to articulate their user’s lower limb in any way. This design also reaches our requirements of not using electricity and allowing use with pre-existing pedals.


  • Slip Ring Connector
    Slip Ring Connector
  • Initial Idea (Electromagnetic Bike Clip)

    Based on our first interview Susanna, we envisioned a mechanism using both slip ring connectors and electromagnets that would work to secure the operator's foot to the pedal. This idea suffered from a crippling flaw. The connection of power to the pedal would require the use of multiple slip ring connectors in order to transfer an electrical connection from the magnet on the pedal to a battery and push button located on the bicycle. The routing of power through rotating connections is complicated and would not be userfriendly to self-install and would require technicians to work on the bike. This alienates potential user from wanting to invest both the time and money as well as introduces parts to their bike that have a high potential to fail. 



  • Push Pull Solenoid
    Push Pull Solenoid
  • Second Idea (In Shoe Powered Solenoid)

    Our next idea aimed to make the experience a more user-friendly one. By moving the power source into the shoe and using a push-pull solenoid embedded in users shoe to lock the shoe onto any bike peddle we hoped to allow users the freedom to use any type of bike pedal and customize where the solenoid would lock the user into the bike pedal. This new design eliminated the need for slip ring connectors as well as the need for a professional to aid in installation. This was the design we had planned to implement, but before doing so we decided to have a second interview with Susanna. After discussing the inclusion of electrical components into the design, Susanna pointed out that there are a lot of instances where things could get wet and that she as a user would not want to have the added worry of an electrical component failing, especially when she is on a bike at high speed. 



  • CAD Mock Up 1
    CAD Mock Up 1
















  • Electromagnet











  • Bike Clip Shoes
    Bike Clip Shoes



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