• Project Reflection

    Looking at the project as a whole, our team feels that our final prototype met a lot of the initial concerns that were provided by Craig Hospital and NSCD. The design provided a rigid support in the middle that, based on the proof of concept, should not cause any issues with the pressure points in the lower body. There is still some concern with the slight overlap in the material between the center component and the sliding pieces. And while the design currently only provides five different size settings, it is a step in the right direction that allows companies to limit how many different seat options they need to provide.  The design also allows for a lot of independence for the user while also not over-complicating the design, which was an initial piece of feedback given from our stakeholders (refer to the Interpretation phase for further explanation). 

  • Future Opportunities

    Moving forward, due to the limited budget and supplies our team hopes to provide the design work that we completed in this course to companies like Aspen Seating and NSCD with the hopes that they can continue the progress our team started. Companies like these would really benefit from this design and we hope to be in contact with them about taking our design to further testing and prototyping stages as we were only able to render 3D models with our timeline and budget. 

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  • Impact

    Individuals with disabilities enjoy the experience of skiing just as much as anyone else, and though they often have greater obstacles to overcome in order to experienec the same level of participation, it is important that they have equal access to the sport.  We firmly believe that by providing resources like adjustable ski equipment to organizations such as NSCD, they can continue to facilitate these valuable experiences.  If adaptive sports organizations have technology that allows for them to accomodate individuals of any body type, there will be no barrier in allowing everybody to experience the joy of skiing. Our design allows for participants to maintain the same level of independence in the sport that they have always been able to do, while further enhancing the experience. Our major hope is that people like the woman in the video below can continue their passion for skiing without being limited by finite accessibility and increasing costs of equipment. 

  • GoPro View of Monoskiing


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