• Communication & Interpersonal Effectiveness:

    Advocacy is my passion. Engaging in community building, finding solutions, and having conversations about how we all have a responsibility to build a more tolerant society, excites me.

  • 7+ Case Competitions


    While at Daniels, I enjoyed competing in seven different case competitions. Two of my favorites include the College Fed Challenge and the Kelly School of Business' National Diversity Case Competition, which I was able to compete in three times and lead my junior year. The College Fed Challenge is a competion, where one analyzes the current state of the economy, risks to financial stability, and prepares an economic forecast. The end goal is to create a presentation, as if advising the Federal Open Market Committee. DU had never fielded a team before, and with an interest in finance and economics, I recruited a group together of five students and a Professor. This was such a fun experience to connect with my peers during Covid-19.

    Over Spring Break 2022, I attended the National Association of Business Economics (NABE) Annual Policy Conference in D.C., with the support of the NABE Foundation and the University of Denver. In addition to gaining academic, policy, and career insights, I particularly enjoyed conversing with Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of Canada and England, on the Paris Agreement's Article 6, which was finalized in Glasgow and on the green bond market (on the left). I also enjoyed listening to and speaking with Chair Powell of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors (on the right). The headline during Powell's presentation was that the Fed would be willing to be more aggressive in combatting inflation. I joke that I could not have been more happy for my stocks to fall while speaking with him!


    Twice not during Covid and once during Covid, I also also had the chance to represent Daniels at the Kelly School of Business' National Diversity Case Competition. We prepared case presentations for Target and twice for 3M. My junor year, we proposed a corporate social responsibility literacy campaign for 3M. We were excited that our project was recognized by 3M and other corporate judges as a National Runner-up among 42 teams. I am even more excited to say our record, was this year broken, with a Daniels team winning the whole competition. Case competitions have taught me about how to make a business and social case for business efforts, how one on a team can put to good use all the diverse majors and strengths on a team, and how businesses consider the triple bottom. It also solidified my ability to use presentations as a medium to present information and a narrative.  I will miss these fun competitions. 

  • Conference & Media Engagement

    While I am certainly a more introverted than extroverted person, which partly comes with happening to be born with Apraxia. Debate in high school really helped me to develop a fire when it comes to public speaking and think on my feet, which I can use to advocate for others. I also appreciated the BUS3000: Strategic Business Communicatons class, both the written and public speaking element of it. In that class, we were able to, for instance, develop concrete ideas for Reading Partners, and with the excitement and thoughtful approach, we came in first in the class case competition. Through repeated practice at DU and other events, I also feel like I have hit my stride when it comes to conversations in professional settings, i.e. in meals, interviews and in receptions. Some of my conference and media engagements include:

    • 2022: World Bank/International Monetary Fund Spring Meetings (Academic Researcher). University Commencement Profile. NABE Economic Policy Conference (Scholarship Recipient). University Grand Challenges “A Safer Place in Denver” (Panelist). PBS Interview on Tri-City Housing Navigation Center. Poets&Quants "2022 Best & Brightest Business Students" Feature. Boettcher Foundation Founders Medal Interview.
    • 2021: UN COP26 Climate Change Conference (Observer) / European Youth Forum Collaboration. DU Interview on PESTEL Analysis. Grand Challenges Event (Panelist). Public Good Impact Newsletter Article on Covid-19 and Homelessness. Daniels Student Spotlight. Grand Challenges Panelist. 
    • 2020 & Before: University Research & Scholarship Showcase (Keynote). 7-Candidate Douglas County School Board Elections Forum (Director/Moderator). CO Youth Advisory Council (Executive Secretary; Education Co-Chair; tenure commended by CO House of Representatives and with State Flag from CO Senate Majority Leader)
    • Denver Apraxia Walk (Guest Speaker to 400+ & 2x Governor Proclamation Advocate). Lone Tree Teen Court Foreperson and Youth Commission Vice-Chair (Recognized with City Council Recognition of Outstanding Service).


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