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  • This site contains documents related to the Advanced Seminar (ASEM) requirement at DU, including descriptions, policies, calls for propoals and so on.

    While knowledge and professional skills found in a student’s major and minor are important foundations for accomplishment, successful individuals also must be able to navigate a complex political, social, cultural and economic environment that challenges more traditionally limited concepts of higher education and competencies. To help students better understand the demands of contemporary life, instructors teach an advanced seminar based in their area of expertise and passion. The topic will be approached from multiple perspectives in a course designed for nonmajors. Studying in this setting, students demonstrate their ability to integrate different perspectives and synthesize diverse ideas through intensive writing on that topic. This course must be taken at the University of Denver.  Students must complete all other common curriculum requirements before taking the Advanced Seminar.

  • Committee Members, Policies, Procedures

  • Report: Faculty Perspectives on DU ASEM

  • Calls for Proposals

  • The ASEM Committee asks colleagues who are proposing courses to provide information about a few aspects of their intended course and to include a syllabus.  Complete information about the elements of an ASEM proposal and a link to the Online Course Proposal Form (new as of fall 2019) is included in the document "ASEM Course Proposal Elements and Processes," linked below.  We suggest you review that document and draft the proposal elements in a Word document, then copy and paste it into the online form.

    The deadlines for course proposals are September 1 (for winter courses); November 1 (for spring courses); and January 15 for (summer or fall courses).  You may, of course, submit proposals anytime earlier! 

    After we receive completed proposals, we send them to department chairs for their approval via email. We're making sure that the department is committed to offering the course during the quarter proposed first to teach it.  We will then send them to dean's offices for similar email approval.  Following that, the ASEM committee, which meets once per quarter, generally two or so weeks after each deadline, will review proposals.  We sometimes ask for revision.

    After the ASEM Committee approves a course, we submit it further through the DU course development process.  It goes to the Vice Provost for University Academic Programs for approval and then it goes to the Registrar’s office for processing. At that point, the ASEM will be assigned a course number, entered into the bulletin, and be ready for your department/college to schedule.  The ASEM Committee Chair will let you know when the Registrar has entered the course.  The process from Committee approval to the course being ready for scheduling can take up to two weeks, if the Registrar is flooded.  Departments handle the scheduling of ASEM courses. 

    Online Course Proposal Form (new as of fall 2019)

  • ASEM Course Proposal Elements and Process[1].docx

  • Learning Outcomes in ASEM.doc

  • Features of Writing in ASEM Courses.doc

  • ASEM Teaching Support Request.doc

  • ASEM Course Proposal Form.docx

  • Advice for Proposing an ASEM Course

    Advice for Proposing an ASEM Course.docx

    ASEM Proposal Deadlines:

    For fall courses: February 15

    For winter courses:  September 15

    For spring courses:  December 1

    For summer courses: January 15

  • ASEM Teaching Workshops and Support

    Upcoming scheduled ASEM workshops:

    December 2-4, 2019, from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm each day.

    August 31, September 2, September 4, 2020. 1:00 pm
    November 30, 9:00-12:00; December 1, 9:00-12:00; December 2, TBA.

      --Doug Hesse, dhesse@du.edu

  • Report on Spring 2020 Emergency Remote ASEM

    Results ASEM Survey about Spring 2020--9-28.docx

  • 03.13.21.JoannaHoward.docx

  • Examples of Approved ASEM Proposals

  • 10.25.Whitmore.Aleysia.ASEM.Proposal.docx

  • Doom, Jenna ASEM Proposal 9.11.19.docx

  • 12.30.19.Sun.Jing.ASEM.Proposal.docx 

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