• Updates in progress!

  • DU Community:

    Please note that we are currently revising and updating all ePortfolio pages to reflect our move online. We will be using Zoom for most consultations, although we will continue to offer our traditional chat-based consultations via WC Online for those who prefer that format for accessibilty reasons

    We will also be adding new resources during spring break and all quarter. Please check back.

    If you have an immediate question, please write to wrc@du.edu.

  • How online consultations work

  • We offer two kinds of online consultations:

    • Zoom consultations involve live conversation, screen and document sharing, whiteboard, annotations, and chat. In a Zoom consultation, you can share your screen with your consultant to discuss your paper. You and your consultant will be able to make comments; share resources; use the whiteboard to set agendas and map out ideas; and share resources. 
    • WC Online consultations--our traditional platform--involve text-based chat or audio/video, text sharing, and resource sharing. 

    We will be adding instructions, videos, and trouble-shooting guides to this page. 

  • Making an online appointment

  • Accessing your consultation

  • When you make an appointment for an online consultation, you'll be given a choice: you can sign up for a WC Online consultation (which uses synchronous chat and allows you to share the text of your paper) or a Zoom consultation (which uses live conversation, screen sharing, and document annotations). 

    Either way, when you are ready for your consultation:

    • Please go to du.mywconline.com, log in, and click on your appointment. 
    • Then, click on the red texts that says "Click here to Meet Your Consultant."
  • Using Zoom for consultations

  • This handout explains how to access and navigate your online Writing Center appointment with Zoom.

    Zoom Instructions for Writers.pdf

  • What to expect and how to prepare

  • What online consultations involve

    Our online consultations, just like our face-to-face consultations, are interactive and collaborative. We don't provide a routine check or generic editing; instead, we ask questions, offer perspective, identify relevant resources, and giude you through writing, organizing, revising, editing, and other writing processes. We can help you brainstorm; get perspective on an assignment; clarify an argument; integrate and synthesize sources; develop your ideas; offer guidance for editing, proofreading, and citation styles; and much more.


    What to expect 

    Your consultant is likely to ask you questions about the assignment prompt, the genre, your purposes in writing, and your goals for this session. If you are interested in editing, your consultant will likely ask you to identify specific issues and to participate in finding patterns in your writing. You and your consultant will then use resources and discuss potential changes according to the patterns you have found together.

  • Using WCOnline for Consultations

  • WHITEBOARD: This area of the screen is the document collaboration whiteboard. Here, you can import or paste a document, or type text. Changes made to text in this window are highlighted and seen immediately by both individuals participating in the online consultation.
    TEXT CHAT: You can use the area to the right of the screen to have a text conversation in real time. This means the other person in the module can see what you are writing as you type. Unchecking the 'send real time chat updates' box at the top will prevent your typing from being seen by the recipient until you hit 'enter.'
    TOOLBAR: The icons on the left side of the toolbar allow you to work with a document's formatting. The icons on the right side (or at the bottom if using a phone) include options for your online session, such as importing or exporting a document. Hover over any icon for a text label showing the icon's function.
    DRAWING TOOLS: Clicking the pencil icon allows you to draw on top of the whiteboard. Within the drawing area, you can change the brush, clear your drawing, or use a solid background. You can also import images and export the entire drawing area. On a computer, hover over the drawing area to expand it, and hover away from it to minimize it. On a touch screen, touch the pencil icon once to open the drawing function, twice to expand the drawing area, and a third time to close it.
    AUDIO AND VIDEO: If your center has enabled audio and video consultations, you can click on the camera icon to allow the other participant to see and hear you. The first time you use audio and video, your browser may prompt you to allow the use of your camera and microphone in your session.
    AFTER YOUR SESSION: Your chat transcript and document will be saved in this online meeting. You can always come back by viewing your appointment and clicking the 'start or join online consultation' link.

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