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      We've compiled resources on everything from citation guides to how to write an academic paper and everything in between!  Check out websites, guides, handouts and more below!  If you aren't able to make an appointment, these useful resources will help guide you through your own do-it-yourself writing session. 

  • All Purpose Writing Websites

    • DU Library

      DU logoThe Library at DU is your one-stop-shop for all things research.  There are hundreds of research guides as well as workshops offered quarterly (there are recorded ones too).  You can also ask quick questions or schedule a research consultation

    • Purdue OWL

      OWL logoPurdue OWL is a great resource for all things APA, MLA 8th ed., CMS, grammar, general & academic writing, and job search writing.  

    • UNC - Chapel Hill

      UNC logoUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill's Writing Center has a ton of resources covering APA, MLA 7th ed, CMS, CSE, ESL guides, grammar, general & academic writing, and professional writing (like resumes, cover letters, business letters, etc.).  This website also covers the writing process from research to planning to drafting and revising. 

    • Using English

      Using English logoUsing English is a great resource for English Language Learners.  It has all sorts of content including English idioms and articles. 

  • Subject Specific Writing Websites

    • The Oatmeal

      How to Use a Semicolon imageYou might know some of The Oatmeal's wonderful web comics.  But did you know they also have some awesome grammar comics?!  Creator Matthew Inman makes it easy to learn. 

    • The Punctuation Guide

      punctuation guide logoThe Punctuation Guide is an easy (and well-designed) way to learn about how to use punction. 

    • Academic Phrasebook

      University of Manchester LogoThe Academic Phrasebook is a website that gives loads of commonly used academic phrases.  It even can works as a kind of thesaurus is you're stuck using the same phrases over and over.  

    • Plain English Campaign

      plain english campaign logoThe Plain English Campaign has put together a brilliant list of academic words and their plain English counterparts.  Check out the A to Z of Alternative Words here! (Or, if gobbledygook is more your thing, they've also got a wildly entertaining gobbledygook generator).

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