• Writing Center Support for Your Classes

  • To request a class visit, workshop, facilitated peer review, or begin a conversation about how we can help you to support your students, please submit a request via our Collaboration Request form. We'll get back to you within a few days. 


  • Class Visit / Introduction to the Writing Center

    A representative from the Writing Center, often a current student consultant, will give a 10-15 minute presentation about the services we offer and answer questions, with a focus on prompting students to articulate their expectations and questions about writing in your course and how we can help. 


    If you are teaching an online course, we can record a short video for your specific course that serves this function. 

  • Facilitated Peer Reviews
    Coordinated Consultation

    We work with faculty who would like a whole class to visit the Writing Center by setting up paired or group peer reviews during class time. The structure of our facilitated peer reviews enables us to help your students to prepare for their visit, provide our consultants with the context they need to help a whole class, and ultimately can help your students become better revisers.

    How it works: depending on class size, a facilitated peer review might take either one or two hours of class time. Once we have scheduled the FPRS--at which time students come to the Writing Center in pairs or small groups to work with a consultant--we ask you for the assignment, some context about how the assignment fits into the course, your goals for your students' writing, and your students' needs. We are also happy to see examples of papers written for the same or a similar assignment in a previous quarter.

    During the class session before the FPR, a consultant visits your class for 10-15 minutes to explain how the process works to students and to learn what kinds of questions students have about the assignment. 

    We can arrange facilitated peer reviews in weeks 3-9 of each quarter, and we ask for two weeks advance notice so that we can reserve appointment spots and give consultants time to prepare.

    For more info, or to schedule a coordinated consultation, please contact Juli Parrish or Megan Kelly at wrc@du.edu or call us at 303-871-7431.

  • Faculty & Staff Support

  • Writing Assignment Workshops
    blue writing center pencils

    Writing Program faculty and Writing Center consultants can visit your class and facilitate a writing or revision workshop. To arrange a workshop, contact the Writing Center Director, Juli Parrish, or Assistant Director, Megan Kelly.

    Whatever your course level or subject matter, Writing Program faculty will work with you to plan an in-class writing workshop for your class or student group. We create workshops specifically for your course, your goals, and your students' writing needs. We ask for two weeks notice for any workshops. The following list includes some of our recent workshops for classes in a variety of departments and programs:

    • Peer reviewing and revising one's writing (History)
    • Evaluating sources (Lamont School of Music)
    • Drafting effective project proposals (Physics & Astronomy
    • Writing literature reviews and incorporating original research (Anthropology)
    • Crafting effective thesis statements (Sociology and Criminology)
    • Reading an academic argument (Korbel School for International Studies)
    • Synthesizing texts and writing in APA (Graduate School of Social Work)
  • Writing Consultations

    We provide the same type of collaborative, non-evaluative consultations for faculty as we do for students. We work regularly with faculty on book proposals or chapters, article revisions, course materials, and other writing projects. Faculty have the choice of working with another faculty member or with an advanced graduate student. Please call the Writing Center at 303-871-7456 to schedule an appointment. If you prefer to be matched with another faculty member, please ask to be directed to Juli Parrish.


  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Faculty FAQs

    How can I encourage my students to use the Writing Center?

    One of the best ways to inform your students about our services is by setting aside time in one of your class periods for a visit from one of our consultants. We will be happy to provide a 10-minute presentation on the services we offer or a 50-minute writing workshop. If you would like to schedule a presentation, please call Juli Parrish, Writing Center Director, or Megan Kelly, Assistant Director. You might also mention the Writing Center in your syllabi. Click here for syllabus statements for undergraduate, graduate, and online courses. 

    How will I know if my students are using the Writing Center?

    The work we do with students is confidential. We keep written records of each of our consultations, however, and if a student would like his or her instructor notified of the visit, we will email a copy of our consultation report to an instructor. If you would find it helpful to hear when your students have been to see us, please encourage them to have the notes sent to you.

    Can I require my students to visit the Writing Center for help with a particular assignment?

    We are always happy to have faculty recommend that students work with us, but we are not always able to guarantee appointments for an entire class. If you would like to arrange for your students to work with Writing Center consultants, please contact Juli Parrish, Writing Center Director, at least two weeks in advance, to discuss options. 

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