Meet our staff

  • Our staff includes about 30 peer consultants -- advanced undergraduates and graduates who speak more than 10 languages fluently and have studied in over 30 academic fields and disciplines. Our faculty directors and other Writing Program faculty also teach writing, support the teaching of writing on campus, facilitate workshops, and conduct research.

    This summer, ten graduate consultants are offering individual consultations and workshop support. Read more about them below!



  • davewhelanf20 DAVE W (HE/HIM/HIS)

    My consulting style is ... inquisitive, humorous, relaxed

    Areas of Study: English literature, creative writing

    Other Knowledges: Cooking, Japanese culture/politics, journalism, English grime

    Other Jobs: Work for VICE Magazine in London and wrote lots of articles for them, as well as The Guardian; worked on a variety of documentaries of VICELAND

    Places I've Lived: England, Scotland, Malta, France, Switzerland, Massachusetts, Ghana, Hiroshima


    My consulting style is ...attentive, generative, well-rounded

    Areas of Study: Victorian literature and architecture, literary modernism, continental philosophy, 20th-century American novel

    Other Knowledges: Piano, world history, best practices in current pedagogy, trim carpentry, the best automobiles for less than $5,000, how to start a revolution

    Other Jobs: Teacher, house painter, ski patroller, ontologist

    Places I've Lived: Buffalo, Portland, Hawai'i, China

    george GEORGE K (HE/HIM/HIS)

    My consulting style is ... kind, humorous, interested

    Areas of Study: Creative writing, theatre arts

    Other Knowledges: Dumpling-making, German coming-of-age novels, listening to music, vacuuming

    Other Jobs: Scenic carpenter, motorcycle salesperson, barista, public pool attendant

    Places I've Lived: Illinois, California, New York, Germany, Russia

    jasmine  JASMINE S (SHE/HER/HERS)

    My consulting style is ... approachable, understanding, accommodating

    Areas of Study: English, biology

    Other Knowledges: LTL freight claims, yoga, Twilight, indoor plants, embroidery/sewing

    Other Jobs: Freight claims specialist, barista, hospice volunteer, waitress/hostess, jewelry specialist, newspaper editor

    Places I've Lived: OK; Borger, Odessa/Midland, Abilene, Dallas, TX

    kevin KEVIN K (HE/HIM/HIS)

    My consulting style is ... laid-back, attentive, curious

    Areas of Study: English, creative writing, American literature

    Other Knowledges: Indie comics/graphic novels, gardening, urban legends

    Other Jobs: First-year writing instructor, data archivist, pool technician

    Places I've Lived: New Jersey, Washington, Uruguay






    My consulting style is ... curious, engaged, animated

    Areas of Study: English literature, philosophy

    Other Knowledges: Cooking, maximizing the sticky note to desk space ratio, hosting last-minute parties, developmental editing

    Other Jobs: Event planner, contract administrator, server

    Places I've Lived: Colorado and Pennsylvania; in a house and (probably) with a mouse; in bliss and in boredom

    mckenzie MCKENZIE W (SHE/THEY)

    My consulting style is ... flexible, easy-going, inquisitive

    Areas of Study: Communication studies, counseling psychology, Spanish, multi-media journalism

    Other Knowledges: Longboarding (poorly), vegetarian cooking, how to always get caught in the rain while tent camping

    Other Jobs: Re-building leader in Puerto Rico post Hurricane Maria, sports photographer, radio DJ

    Places I've Lived: Kansas, Arizona, Ohio, a stint in Puerto Rico


    My consulting style is ... approachable, co-constructive, energetic

    Areas of Study: Counseling psychology, cultural anthropology, environmental studies

    Other Knowledges: APA format, personal statements, fiction, poetry, NIH grants

    Other Jobs: Researcher, adjunct faculty, gymnastics coach, project coordinator, local food distributor, caterer, watch maker

    Places I've Lived: New York, Ireland, Jacksonville

    rebecca REBECCA G (SHE/HER/HERS)

    My consulting style is ... warm, focused, inquisitive

    Areas of Study: Psychology, education, sociology, anthropology, neuroscience, public health

    Other Knowledges: APA, cover letters, applications, research papers, picking out the perfect avocado

    Other Jobs: Researcher, adjunct professor, nanny, camp counselor,  one-time bar mitzvah coordinator

    Places I've Lived: New York, London, Vietnam, Boston


    My consulting style is … curious, collaborative, and caring.

    Areas of Study:  poetry, mysticism and writing

    Other Knowledges: tarot, astrology, coffee, plant & kitten care

    Other Jobs: senior contracts associate, barista, first-year writing teacher, proofreader, card reader

    Places I've Lived: Wallkill, NY; Bay Ridge, Brooklyn; Blacksburg, VA

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