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Learn about Zoom consultations

  • What to expect

    Our online consultations are interactive and collaborative. We don't do a routine "check" or editing service, but we do ask questions, offer perspective, identify and help use use relevant resources, and guide you through writing, organizing, revising, editing, and other writing processes. We can help you brainstorm; get perspective on an assignment; clarify an argument; integrate and synthesize sources; develop your ideas; offer guidance for editing, proofreading, and citation styles; and much more.

    Expect to be fully engaged throughout the consultation and for your consultant to work with you. 

  • What happens in an online consultation

    In fall 2020, all our consultations are online. During a consultation, you can

    Talk with a consultant about any writing project, at any stage of your process, for just about any purpose. You don't have to have a draft ready; in fact, we can help you figure out your assignment, get started, outline, generate ideas, and more.

    Use the whiteboard to plan, generate ideas, and map out structures. 

    Share your screen and annotate. Using Zoom's screen share feature, you can show your consultant your document, and both of you can use Zoom's annotation tools to point out things you'd like to discuss. 

    Identify and use relevant resources. Screen sharing in Zoom makes it easy for you and a consultant to locate and use online citation and writing resources.

    Share and discuss a whole documentUsing Google docs, you can share a whole document, and you and your consultant can use the commenting features to note points for discussion, try out changes, and more. Consultants will generally use "suggest" mode if they make marks on your document. 

    Plan next steps. Your consultant will send you a short note after the consultation that focuses on what you did together and how you might continue to do that work on your own. You and your consultant will also take the last few minutes of a consultation to consider what next steps might be useful. 

  • What consultations look like

    Still not sure what a consultation really looks like? Take a look at these demo videos!


    The beginning of a sample consultation:


    A few minutes from a sample consultation:


    Using resources in a consultation:


    Thanks to former consultants Madison Hakey, DU 2020, for creating these videos, and Summer Graham, DU 2020, for participating.


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