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Writing Center Journals and Blogs


    Peer-reviewed scholarly journal, published biannually, featuring pieces from consultants, administrators and others re: writing-center consulting, research, administration and training.


    GUIDELINES: Book review / column essay: 1000-1500 wds; articles 5000-8000 wds (include works cited and endnotes in total word count). Complete submission info here:

    THEY PUBLISH: Scholarly essays that “make a unique contribution to writing center studies, written in a clear, accessible style"; focus articles based on theoretical and critical approaches, applied practices or empirical research; book reviews – situate the book in the field and assess its value to same; and columns – short essays on an aspect of the field (see samples)

    DEADLINES: Fall Issue (August 15), Spring Issue (January 15), Summer Issue (May 15). Publication typically occurs one year after acceptance


    The official journal of the International Writing Centers Association.


    THEY PUBLISH: Articles on issues relevant to the WC community “related to a wide variety of institutional types and other environments;” plus book reviews and review essays on writing centers or WC studies related to tutor theory and practice, WC administration or working with writers.

    AUTHOR GUIDELINES: Articles and empirical studies 6000-10000 wds (including citations) plus 200-wd abstract, Book reviews (2000 wds) and review essays (6000 wds)



    Formerly the Writing Lab Newsletter, this is the oldest writing center journal in the field. and is "a forum for exchanging ideas / info about WCs in high schools, colleges, and universities."


    THEY PUBLISH: articles on WC theory and pedagogy; handling ESL issues; tutor training and methodology; plus direction, expansion and administration of WCs. WLN also publishes book reviews, columns by and for tutors, industry news and conference announcements.

    AUTHOR GUIDELINES: articles up to 3000 wds (including works cited and endnotes); book reviews and tutor columns up to 1500 wds.

  • SOUTHERN DISCOURSE IN THE WRITING CENTER (Southeastern Writing Center Association, aka SWCA)

    Journal associated with the Southeastern Writing Center Association.


    AUTHOR GUIDELINES: 1500-5000 wd articles, profiles, etc

    THEY PUBLISH: 3000-5000 wd scholarly articles, 2000 wd “Consultant Insight Guidelines” research-driven or personal narrative about the consultant experience; 1500 wd “Back to the Center” profile of a specific WC: its successes, challenges, goals, ethos, etc.

    DEADLINE: ongoing (book reviews, consultant guidelines and “Back to the Center”); Call For Papers and scholarly articles, Oct 1 for spring issue and / or annual SWCA conference


    An official publication of the National College Learning Center Association, this journal has a broader audience than just writing centers. 


    THEY PUBLISH: scholarly articles and reviews that address issues of interest to a broad range of academic professionals, with priority given to articles about program design and evaluation, classroom-based research, application of theory and research to practice, innovative teaching strategies, student assessment, and the like. They also have the "Ideas Exchange" and "Further Research" sections, which accept short responses to previously published articles, and book reviews.

    AUTHOR GUIDELINES: articles of 10-15 pages. 

  • THE DANGLING MODIFIER (Penn State University)

    International newsletter with a creative flair for thematic and visual content, created by and for peer tutors. Rotating editorial/production per issue (2/year); WCs worldwide may apply to produce an issue. The DM exists to bring us all together as a community of educators, tutors, thinkers, writers, and resplendent humans.”


    THEY PUBLISH: Creative, theme-oriented features about any aspect of the tutoring / WC experience. Their “Entertainment” section accepts “tutoring-related poems, art, comics, book reviews, videos, jokes, grammar games, polls and quizzes.”

    AUTHOR GUIDELINES: 500-1000 wd pieces

    DEADLINE: Fall and Spring issue deadlines change each semester, depending upon particular WC host, check website for details.

  • THE PEER REVIEW (International Writing Centers Association)

    A scholarly multi-modal (print and/or data tables, video, audio, charts, etc) online journal promoting new / emerging voices in writing center research, specifically high school, undergraduate and graduate students. Welcome co-authored pieces and non-traditional multi media pieces. Matches young scholars with experienced WC editors/researcher who mentor them through the publication process.


    GUIDELINES: query the PR editors ( for specific word count, etc

    THEY PUBLISH: features, case studies, theory and practice articles, book reviews,

    DEADLINE: query the PR editors ( for specific dates

  • PEERCENTERED (Salt Lake Community College, UT)

    A blog by / for / about peer writing tutors/consultants - or anyone interested in collaborative learning in writing centers - to share ideas with their colleagues from around the world. ideas, experiences, insights shared.


    AUTHOR GUIDELINES: none, beyond writing about any aspect of the peer tutor/consultant POV. Average length: 300-1000 wds.

    SUBMIT TO: Request an account from moderator Clint Gardner, Once set up, writers can post at will.

    THEY PUBLISH: thought-provoking essays of varying lengths, covering myriad issues observed by writing center consultants

    DEADLINE: ongoing

  • CONNECTING WRITING CENTERS ACROSS BORDERS (community blog sponsored by The Writing Lab Newsletter)

    A moderated, interactive blog open to “all WC people worldwide” to post or comment.


    SUBMIT TO: login and register onsite to post, at

    THEY PUBLISH: friendly, conversational blog posts on any/all WC issues: writing and tutoring practices, website links, survey requests, conferences, etc. Worldwide in scope and particularly concerned with bridging gaps for consultants/directors who have little/no interaction with other WC people.

    DEADLINE: ongoing, can post anytime

  • AXIS: THE BLOG (University of Texas @ Austin)

    Bi-weekly blog (posts every other Monday) sharing informal stories and anecdotes about writing center experiences, plus advice, reflections, and interviews with noted faculty, staff and authors. Great for younger writers and those just beginning to submit for publication


    THEY PUBLISH: Recent posts cover subjects like L2 writers, non-directive consulting; writing podcasts,  in-house grammar workshops;  interviews with staff editors; The Writer’s Mindset:, discussions on student perceptions of writing center functionality, the creative process, and the intersection of film, memory and writing.

    AUTHOR GUIDELINES: 750 wds (or less) blog posts; occasionally accepts 1000-1500 wd pieces

    DEADLINES: ongoing throughout the year; they publish August-June

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