• Sample of Agreement Writing


    This fictitious agreement was developed for the Legal Practice Seminar. Attached is a draft of an agreement to perform contract work for a law firm. The introductory paragraph sets the general parameters of the contract.

    This Independent Contractor Agreement is entered into between the law firm of Dewey, Chetum and Howe (the “Firm”) and Paul Murphy, MSLA (the “Independent Contractor”) and is effective on the date it is fully executed by the Parties for the specific Project described herein. The Project for which the Firm is hiring the Independent Contractor will begin on the date of the full execution of this Agreement and will complete no later than twenty-five (25) days following and inclusive of the date of the full execution of this Agreement. The Firm and the Independent Contractor are referred to in this Agreement together as the “Parties.”

  • Legal Practice Seminar

  • Legal Practice Seminar is designed for JD amd MSLA candidates. The official course description states: "Students learn how effective law practice administrators and managers base policy and management decisions on a comprehensive understanding of the law firm as a complex and interdependent equation. This course provides an overview of the business functions of a law practice."

    At the beginning of the course, the students broke into groups with the intent of planning and designing a law firm. The final consisted of presenting a PowerPoint and live presentation by each group pitching their ideas and strategy for their firms.

    I joined with two JD candidates and another MSLA candidate to form the Law Offices of Crough & Schenck. Throughout the semester stages of the final presentation were completed as group deliverables. Attached is the final product of Crough & Schenck presented as a booklet. The following parts were contributed by:

    Form of Organization and Justification - Gus Schneck

    Operating Agreement - Gus Schneck and Nick Pitts

    Strategy and Marketing Plan - Paul Murphy and David Crough

    Office Space, Equipment, and Technology Plan - Paul Murphy and Nick Pitts

    Positions and Justifications - Gus Schneck

    Employee Handbook & Policies - Paul Murphy

    Administrative Systems Plan - Gus Schneck

    Budgeting - Paul Murphy

    Formatting and Layout - Paul Murphy

    PowerPoint - David Crough, Paul Murphy, Gus Schneck, and Nick Pitts

  • Law Offices of Crough & Schenck.pdf

  • C&S Law Final Presentation.pptx

  • Law Firm Administration


  • A Celebration of Leadership
  • Lawyers and Law Firm Management

  • LawFirmManagement.pdf

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