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  • Paul received his Bachelors of Liberal Studies Degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1986.  In 2001, Paul attended the ABA accredited University of Tulsa Paralegal Program. After completing the program, he began working in a personal injury law firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, eventually becoming the litigation paralegal for the firm. During that time, he taught Using Computers in the Law Office as an adjunct at Tulsa University's Paralegal Program, and Research and Writing in the Legal Nurse Consultants Program.  Paul has experience as a paralegal in employment law, foreclosure law, personal injury, and civil litigation.

    Paul entered the Masters of Science in Legal Administration (MSLA) in 2011 and graduated in 2013.  The MSLA (Master of Science in Legal Administration) Degree is considered the MBA of the legal community.  Studies synthesize areas of -- to name only a few -- leadership, strategic marketing, accounting, human resources, and project management into the package of legal administration.  The MSLA graduate is well-equipped to manage and to operate a law firm.[1]

    The idea of providing virtual services to attorneys was first conceived by Paul while he was in the MSLA Program. Providing an array of legal services appealed to his broad interests.  He began actively providing virtual services in 2018 and started VirtualPaul.  

    [1]  See the program online at http://www.law.du.edu/index.php/msla.

    Paul is married to Debbie. They reside in Claremore, Oklahoma. 

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    I am a constant learner. There's something energizing about the process of getting to a point where a new skill is mastered. The MSLA degree has been called the MBA of the legal industry. It and my litigation experience offer the compelling weave of knowledge and experience for addressing all firm or legal department needs.

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  • "We must be contented to amuse, when we cannot inform."

    -Thomas Jefferson

    Live out of your imagination, not your history.”

    -Stephen Covey

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