• Research Interests

  • Dr. Ueta is an associate professor and an observational astronomer/astrophysicist in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. While there are many specific research projects at any given time, his research interests revolve around stellar mass loss process - one of the remaining missing pieces in our understanding of stellar evolution - because

    1. stellar mass loss is still not understood from the first principles of physics;
    2. we don't quite understand the stellar evolution without understanding stellar mass loss (stellar mass loss influences evolution); and
    3. we don't quite understand the chamical enrichment of the Universe without understanding stellar mass loss (stellar mass loss is the first step to eject nucleosynthesized material into the Universe).

    More broadly, Dr. Ueta's research interests are encompassed by the following topics:

    (1) stellar evolution: particularly looking into the late stages of evolution from the Red Giant to the Planetary Nebula phases involving mass loss processes

    (2) astropaleontology: investigation into the history of stellar mass loss by observing the circumstellar gas/dust distribution

    (3) astromineralogy: study of the composition and formation of circumstellar and interstellar matter, especially dust grains

    (4) radiative transfer in dusty media

    (5) observations of circumstellar phenomena using optical, infrared, sub-mm, and radio

    (6) interactions between stellar winds and the interstellar medium

    Dr. Ueta has used various space-based and ground-based telescopes/observatories around the world in the wavlength ranges from UV to optical to IR to Radio.

    There are always some research opportunities for students.  If you are interested in any of these topics and related ideas, please contact me!

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