• Introduction

  • Welcome to my Graduate portfolio.

    Hello, and welcome. My name is Stephen Venneman. I am currently a graduate student at University of Denver, majoring in Professional Fiction. I love to write and have several stories "in the can," but my real goal is to help other authors to improve their work. I am specifically focusing on those who self-publish, as they have so few resources available to them.

    A little of my background. In addition to what's listed on the Degree Plan link above, I am a former television news producer with ten years' experience in stations across the country. I have a reputation for quality writing, sound news judgment, and a desire to inform rather than entertain. In other words, the only reason I ever did a story about Britney Spears was because my News Director told me to.

    Don't get me wrong, I do have a sense of humor and a desire to entertain, when it's appropriate. While in Albuquerque, NM, I wrote a segment called "Interactive" for the nightly newscast on KASA (Fox) where I would share unusual, interesting, or hilarious items found on the Internet. The segments I wrote were always filled with jokes, and I took great pride in hearing from viewers how my segments made them laugh.

    In my current position at a very small university in Colorado, I am often tasked with writing projects ranging from marketing emails to making corrections to the annual Course Catalog.

    Thank you for reading, and if there is any additional information you desire, please feel free to reach out to me at stephen.venneman@du.edu.

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