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    Here you'll find all sorts of information about, clips from and pictures of our newest film, SoleJourney

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  • who_can_argue.jpg
    who_can_argue.jpg This is a defining image from my co-directed 2008 film, SoleJourney. This documentary plunges into the center of relentless nonviolent resistance as it follows diverse families confronting the anti-LGBT rhetoric and policy making of the fundamentalist mega-organization Focus on the Family. 
  • mustard greens b&w crunch!.jpg
    mustard greens b&w crunch!.jpg Here's a still from the 2006 release of Crunch!
  • Synopsis and Bio.doc

    Read a synopsis of "Proud Alumni" here and learn more about my work as a filmmaker.
  • ticketsculighten.jpg
    ticketsculighten.jpg Sideshow (13:25, 2005) documents a day in the life of the Kobe Bryant rape trial, the media circus and the public's complicity in the "show." The sideshow even required tickets which were as hot as a baby on the 4th of July.
  • "Proud Alumni" Image
    "Proud Alumni" Image This is an image from my 2004 released film, "Proud Alumni."
  • group muscle2.pct

    The girls and coaches from my film "See What I Got: A Story of Girls, Basketball, Confidence and Courage" show off their muscles in a Paris courtyard.

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