Sarah Perske

Sarah Perske

  • Biographical Description

    • Sarah Perske is a composer, writer, and classical guitarist with a penchant for the vibrant and the unusual in music and in the written word. Perske’s works often draw on the mystic traditions of her Roman Catholic faith, and reflect her interests in creating tendential harmony, combining music with the visual and literary arts, and exploiting found object sound sources.

      Perske's works have been performed by The Playground Ensemble, classical guitarist Laura Husbands, virtuoso saw player Caroline McCaskey, and Italian clarinetist Arianna Tieghi. In in 2014 Perske won first prize in the Colorado Clarinet Days Composition Competition, and in 2013 Perske was winner of The Playground Anne Culver Commission Prize.

      Perske received a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Denver Lamont School of Music in November 2012 where she studied guitar with Ricardo Iznaola and Jonathan Leathwood. Perske has studied composition with William Hill, Chris Malloy, and Leanna Kirchoff, and she is currently pursing a master’s degree in composition at the Lamont School of Music. 

  • The Book of Image and Sound

    • First movement: The Cat Hears Something
      First movement: The Cat Hears Something

      This is a portion of the score of The Book of Image and Sound for solo guitar, recitation and video. This work was the result of a Partners in Scholarship project called "Discovering the Total Artist: The Composer as Performer, Poet, and Painter," which I completed in spring quarter 2010 with Ricardo Iznaola acting as my faculty partner.

      This idea of "illuminating" scores continues to interest me, and I'm currently experimenting with more sophisticated ways of superimposing notation over a painted background - stay tuned!

  • Recordings Of My Music

    • All Nighter
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      Commissioned by The Playground with a gift from Anne Culver.
      Performed May 28th, 2014

    • I. Meditation on the Ineffable Name
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      Sarah Whitnah (violin) and Joshua Sawicki (piano) of The Playground Ensemble gave an outstanding performance of the first and second movments (see below) of my Three Discursions on November 11th, 2014

    • II. Discursive Maneuvers
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    • Ascension
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      Laura Husbands performing my solo guitar piece "Ascension" - please forgive the poor audio quality which does not do justice to Laura's beautiful sound.

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    • Exclamations, Meditations
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      This is a recording of The Playground performing Exclamations, Meditations for flute, clarinet, violin and cello in January 2012. The piece was composed in winter of 2011.

    • Novena for Violin and Piano
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      A piece I wrote in Fall 2009 - this is a performance by the Playground Ensemble, March 2010

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