• Are you interested in the route to publication? The SoTL community is supportive of the many phases of one's research and publication journey. Here is a general sequence of events you may wish to follow in pursuit of publication:

    1. Generation of research purpose and question(s) through review of literature

    2. Selection of research design and methodological approach(es)

    3. Target a particular conference or professional journal for paper presentation or manuscript submission. Keep deadlines, intended audience, and any other requirements in mind while conducting and writing up your research.

    4. Be sure your CITI certification is up-to-date, and submit research proposal to IRB

    5. Once approved by IRB, obtain participant consent (if applicable) and begin data collection 

    6. Analyze and interpret data, write up results

    7. Discuss results through the study's findings, limitations, and implications for future research

    8. Submit study to conference or journal in required manuscript format


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