Steven Iona

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    • Dr. Steven Iona I have been a high school science and mathematics teacher for about 30 years and retired from the Adams12-Five Star School District in the Thornton-Northglenn area. I enjoyed my time there working with students, and while working there, I served in many other roles both in the school and at the District-level including serving as the building technology coordinator, the building budget chair, the science department chair, a school improvement leader, an assessment coordinator, a district data analyst, and as the district outdoor education coordinator. I have had many wonderful experiences working with teacher preparation programs including teaching the Science Methods courses for Metropolitan State University in Denver and for the University of Denver, being trained as a Mentor Teacher as part of the District’s Induction Program, earning an administrative license, and supervising several student teachers. Currently, I work as a consultant to the STEM-Colorado Program at the University of Colorado-Boulder where I teach a seminar on teaching and learning for undergraduate Learning Assistants. This exciting program helps identify potential teachers as undergraduate science and math majors, and then shepherds them through a series of experiences working within their discipline and in the School of Education. Currently, I am a Lecturer in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Denver. At DU I teach the General Physics class for pre-med, biology, and biochemistry majors. I also help coordinate the Physics and Astronomy Night at Elitchs for the Department, and I have helped implement grants on Utilizing Classroom Response Systems and Expanding Lecture Demonstration Options in the Physics Classroom. Recently I served as a Teacher In Residence for the PhysTEC Project at CU-Boulder and worked as a Science Teaching Fellow in the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics at CU-Boulder. For over 20 years, I have been the Director the Denver Area Physics Teacher Group, and have been on the Leadership Committee for the Colorado Science Conference. I served as National Secretary for the American Association of Physics Teachers, National Treasurer, and Chair of the Section Representatives. I will serve as National President in 2014. My Ph.D. in science education examined cognitive associations students use in solving physics problems. I have continued my interest in physics education research with action research projects in my classes examining conceptual development of students. I received the Radio Shack Teaching Award in 2001, the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics and Science in 2002, and the University of Denver Pioneer Award for Teaching in 2013.

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