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    Dr. Stephanie Gripne joins efforts with Katie Kross

    Stephanie Gripne, PhD — career coach, speaker, and sustainable business expert — has teamed up with Katie Kross to provide career coaching services to MBA students and professionals. Stephanie’s particular coaching expertise is in helping clients:
    Identify their short and long-term passions and associated career goals;
    Develop an action plan to achieve those goals;
    Provide support implementing the action plan.

    She writes: “One of my single greatest passions is helping individuals figure out their passions and developing a plan and providing the support for them to figure out their dreams. There are those people who network for the sake of self-promotion, and then there are those who connect because they truly love meeting and understanding people and making connections between them and other people they should meet that make the world a better place. I think you will find that both Katie and I are people who love connecting.”

    If you would like to learn more about career coaching opportunities with Stephanie, please contact her directly by email. You can read more about her background and find her on Twitter at @CompatVentures.

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