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  • This site is a resource for students in the School Psychology program at the Morgridge College of Education. Please note there are several tabs at the side of the site. There is a tab for each degree program and each contains important information specific to your degree.

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  • Peak to Peak School Psychology Newsletter

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  • When to Visit Your Advisor Infographic

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  • TLS Giving Fund: Graduate Student Professional Development Honorarium

    The TLS Graduate Student Professional Development Honorarium hopes to inspire graduate students to be lifelong learners who regularly engage in opportunities that promote professional growth. We are pleased to offer honoraria, on a competitive basis, for an amount of $250 to nurture a disposition toward continuous improvement that will carry TLS students forward into their post-graduate career.  The honorarium can be applied retroactively (1 year) or in support of future professional development.

    This funding is available thanks to the generosity of the TLS faculty and staff!  Please see below for more information.


  • Handbooks

  • Canvas: Documenting Your Progress

  • The CFSP PhD Canvas site is where students will store all non-coursework-related documentation required for graduation and licensure. Please log in each quarter to review and submit assignments. 

  • Graduation Requirements / Deadlines

  • Archived Bulletins

  • The DU bulletin is a comprehensive listing of acceptable coursework from your year of matriculation. This is the document used to review your graduation requirements.

    The Bulletin is the most accurate resource for completing your coursework plan.

    If you are substituting coursework (sub/waiver form link),  use the Bulletin that correlates with your Handbook year to confirm acceptable substitutions.

    2020-2021 Bulletin

    2019-2020 Bulletin

    2018-2019 Bulletin 

    2017-2018 Bulletin

    2016-2017 Bulletin

    2015-2016 Bulletin

    2014-2015 Bulletin

    Bulletin Archive

  • Resources

  • Counseling and Educational Services Center

    Fisher Early Learning Center

    Psychoeducational Assessment Library (PAL)

    Ricks Center for Gifted Children 

    CFSP Student Affiliates in School Psychology (SASP)


     Here you will find: course schedules, calendars and deadlines, and information about graduation 

    Office of Graduate Education:

     Here you will find: contacts at OGE, important graduate student forms and resources (i.e. continuous enrollment, etc)

    Office of Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence:

    Here you will find: student engagement information, academic resources, health and counseling center link


    SP Advisor & ASA Process Infographic (click to download)


  • New Student Orientation

  • Important Contacts

  • Academic Services Associate:

    Jessica Espinosa-Galindo, Jessica.Espinosa-Galindo@du.edu  

    Financial Aid: 



    Jeanine Coleman, Jeanine.Coleman@du.edu 

    Amy McDiarmid, Amy.Mcdiarmid@du.edu 

    Gloria Miller, Gloria.Miller@du.edu 

    Tara Raines, Tara.Raines@du.edu 

    Devadrita Talapatra, Devadrita.Talapatra@du.edu 

    Korrie Allen, Korrie.Allen@du.edu 

    Cynthia Hazel, cynthia.hazel@du.edu 

    Department Chair: 

    Rashida Banerjee, Rashida.Banerjee@du.edu 

  • Tips for Success

  • 1. Signature block to include: Program and Degree (example: SP EdS Student or School Psychology MA Student)

    2. Canvas: Upload Coursework Plan and Praxis Scores

    3. Portfolio - bookmark URL

    4. DU email will be primary mode for communication - Please check this regularly 

    5. Ensure you are receiving emails via the listserv - important communication from faculty and others come through listserv

    6. Purchase books, if you haven't already done so

    7. Familiarize self with your Handbook - read before classes begin

    8. When asking questions about courses, include full course name and the CRN

    9. Email is the best way to reach and communicate with faculty and staff

  • Want to Plan Ahead?

  • See the course offering schedules below

    PLEASE NOTE: Subject to change without notification

  • RMS Course Offerings 2020-2021

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