• Teaching with Technology Workshop

  • Teaching with Technology Workshop, Summer 2012


    Part of a CTL grant, this workshop is designed for MCE faculty.

  • Schedule, Summer 2009

  • Workshop_Schedule.pdf

  • Presentations

  • Theory_Background.pptx

    Set the stage (breaking the ice). Provide a general overview of the workshop, theoretical underpinnings, expectations.

  • DigResearch_Tools.pptx

    Digital research tools – Endnote, RefWorks, Zotero, Mendeley, Papers.

  • SocialBookmarking_Services.pptx

    Social bookmarking services – Delicious, Connotea, Citeulike, work through Blackboard Scholar.

  • Collaboration_Tools.pptx

    Collaboration tools – Wikis, Blogs, IM, Library3hlp, MeeboMe.

  • SocialNetworking.pptx

    Social networking tools – Ning, twine, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn.

  • ContentSyndication.pptx

    Content Syndication – RSS, Podcasting, iTunes, YouTube.

  • Browser_Extensions.pptx

    Browser extensions & Add-ons - Gadgets, Widgets - Firefox, Google, Amazon, OCLC, LibX.

  • LibAPI_WebServices.pptx

    Library APIs and Web Services, SaaS, Cloud Computing.

  • OpenAccess.pptx

    Open Access – Open Educational Resources (OER), Creative Commons, OpenURL, CROSSREF, DOI.

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