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  • Teaching

  • Dr. Assefa developed and taught numerous graduate level courses in the area of information science and technology, including information science, data mining, data visualization, database management system, information architecture, library and information technology, web content management, usability, user-centered design, information retrieval, information seeking behavior, teaching and learning with technology. Please see syllabi for select courses.

  • Courses taught

  • Teaching
    • LIS 4011: Information Access & Retrieval.
    • LIS 4050: Library & Information Technologies, core and required course.
    • LIS 4030: The Information Environment, (offered as core course).
    • LIS 4010: Organization of Information, core and required course.
    • LIS 4101: Information Science.
    • LIS 4102: User Centered Design.
    • LIS 4110: Teaching & Learning with Technology, (course offered for students across the college).
    • LIS 4206: Web Content Management.
    • LIS 4208: Usability.
    • LIS 4210: Data visualization.
    • LIS 4230: Database Management Systems.
    • LIS 4301: Information Seeking Behaviors.
    • LIS 4700: Health Reference & Resources.
    • LIS 4700: Information Architecture for the web
    • LIS 4700: Data mining
    • LIS 4700: Data mining with Excel

    Courses taught during sabbatical, January – June 2016, Adama Science and Technology University, Ethiopia.

    • SE 568: Data Mining & Data Warehousing
    • IS 558: Advanced Concepts in Data Mining
    • IS 514: Information Retrieval & Search Engines

    San Jose State University - Taught two graduate level courses:

    • LIBR 202 Information Retrieval
    • LIBR 247 Vocabulary Design

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