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  • Community Engagement

  • The Uprising

    I have partnered with Pravini Baboeram, and activist, artist, and filmmaker, to develop a toolkit for her documentary The Uprising. The film includes 9 chapters that discuss different aspects of colonization and global racism, as well as an overview of current movements of resistance and visions for the future. I am working with Pravini and other partners to develop a lesson guide for each chapter that will be available on her website for educators and activists to use alongside the film. 

    From her website...

    Musician and activist Pravini Baboeram presents “The Uprising”, a music documentary that tells the story of resistance against racism in Europe. With commentary and experiences from academics and activists, the Dutch-Indian singer/songwriter offers a decolonial perspective on the anti-racism movement in the Netherlands, UK and France. She not only provides an analysis of the history and legacy of colonialism, but also a vision on strategy for the future of the movement.

    This documentary zooms in on collective challenges of communities of color. In 9 self-written songs Pravini connects the fight against Blackface, the struggle for the recognition of colonial crimes that the Netherlands has committed in Indonesia, the fight for the liberation of Palestine and the struggle in the political field for an inclusive society. “The Uprising” offers a unique view of the resistance against racism in Europe through the eyes of people of color.


  • NACRJ 2019 Conference
    Photo of me with four youth leaders.

    I have been a member of the National Association of Community and Restorative Justice (NACRJ) since 2016. After attending the national conference in Oakland in 2016, I was excited to become involved with planning for the 2019 conference - which was held in my current location of Denver, Colorado! In addition to presenting at the conference and helping with an outreach table for the University of Denver, I acted as co-chair of the Youth Preconference Subcommittee. We worked for several months with youth from across the country to plan an active and inspiring day for the preconference attendees. The best part for me was facilitating a panel of youth leaders and providing them with opportunities to share their stories.  

    Photo used with permission from all pictured.


    In January 2019, I was an invited speaker in the INVST Research for Social Justice program at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

  • Tow Talk on NYCHA Permanent Exclusions
  • Community Engaged Publications & Reports

  • Sliva, S., Han, T., Samimi, C., Gollieb, K, & McCurdy, J. (2019). State of the State: Restorative Justice in Colorado. Community assessment for the Colorado Restorative Justice Council. State of the State Colorado Report.pdf 

    Samimi, C. (2018, March 6). Safety, Guns, and Social Work: Stop Militarizing Schools and Start Supporting Students. Smart Justice.

    Columbia University School of Social Work Class “Advanced Community Organizing: Developing Popular Education Training on Research for Organizing”. (2011). Research for Organizing Toolkit.

    Samimi, J. (2005). Supporting Academic Freedom. Free Voices. Volume 2, (4)

    Samimi, J., & Karmol, S., (2002). Being Young Is Not a Crime. The Torch.

  • Reports


  • Victim-Offender Dialogue Study Steering Committee
    Photo of me with four youth leaders.

    (from left to right)
    Nancy Lewis, COVA
    Mary McGhee, COVA
    Spiro Koinis, Division of Youth Services
    Greg Brown, Chief Probation Officer
    Shannon Sliva, Principal Investigator
    Karen Albright, Co-Investigator
    Ceema Samimi, Research Assistant
    Not pictured: Monica Chambers, Dept of Corrections


    Photo used with permission from all pictured.

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