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    My name is Sage Rian and I am a Clinical Assistant Professor for the SchoolCounseling@Denver program. I earned my Bachelor's degree at Georgian Court University, where I studied Psychology and Holistic Health. I decided to pursue a career in counseling at Monmouth University, where I earned my Master's in Mental Health Counseling. During my Master's program, I took specialized courses in religion and spirituality, and also studied meditation, philosophy, and accupuncture with the Holistic Health department of Georgian Court University at the Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing, the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and with private practitioners in Xi’an, China. I am passionate about yoga and meditation, so I also became a nationally certified yoga instructor at this time. I incorporate yoga and movement into my practice as a clinical counselor and as a school counselor. I moved out west to pursue a doctoral degree in Counselor Education and Supervision at the University of Reno, Nevada. It was there that I started school counseling in addition to my clinical work because of my passion, working with children.

    My research focus and areas of expertise are within nature and health, ecotherapy, LGBTQ+ youth, and neurodiversity. I love to incorporate movement, nature, and play into my work as a researcher and as a practicing counselor. I also have experience working with addiction and substance use disorders, with adults and adolescents. Additionally, I am a passionate advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community; I have helped develop Gay-Straight Alliances, school wide trainings, classroom guidance, and have worked with transgender children and adolescents and their families. I am also interested in neurodiversity; specifically the relationship between neurodiveristy and gender, and autism in women & AFAB people.

    If you share any of my interests, please contact me if you want to collaborate on research! I welcome opportunities for research and consultation.

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