Robert Stencel

Robert Stencel

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      Dr. Stencel is the William Herschel Womble professor of Astronomy and Director of DU Observatories - including DU's historic Chamberlin Observatory [1894, ], Meyer-Womble Observatory, located at 14,148 ft elev on Mt.Evans, Colorado [1972/1996, ] and the newer Student Astronomy Lab being commissioned on campus in 2004 [see homepage links].

      Some of his course offerings include:
      21st century Physics & Astronomy [PHYS 1011/1012/1013]
      Astrophysical Theory [PHYS2051/2/3] & Astronomical Methods [PHYS2061/2/3]    Observational Astrophysics [PHYS3252]
      Natural Optics [PHYS 2830]
      Environmental and Social Consequences of Artificial Light [HNRS2400]
      Archaeo-Astronomy [HNRS2400]
      First Year Seminar(s)
      Independent Study/Research [PHYSx991/5]
      & graduate astronomy/astrophysics classes [PHYS4251,4995,5995...].

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    • HangingWithKepler.jpg

      Hanging with my buddies Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler in Prague (2006 IAU).

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      Hanging with Stephen Hawking (1998, Dallas)

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    • MOTIONS PASSED, 7/3/06 faculty meeting: 1. Faculty meetings shall occur on the third Wednesday of each month during the academic year, but this does not exclude options for meeting at other times. 2. Motions passed and agendae shall be recorded.

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