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      Wisdom.  Compassion.  God.  Spirit.  Grace.  Immanence.  Love.  Mystery.  Mindfulness.   Service.  Pilgrimage.  Mercy.  Vocation.  Wholeness.  Truth. All of the words above (and certainly there are others!) are connected with the spiritual life.  At the University of Denver we hope that these words, or concepts, are not set aside as folks engage in the pursuit of knowledge or a career.  Indeed, I believe that a well-rounded life is one in which mind, body and spirit are intertwined, fully engaged with one another.  It is that conviction that underlies my own vocation as a chaplain at a university.  It is my hope and prayer that, at this university, you?ll find all of the resources you will need to integrate your whole self in service to the greater good, in recognition of the Greatest Good. From the jumping-off point of this webpage, you can learn more about the University Chaplain?s role (Counselor, Comforter, Cheerleader, Compassionate, and Confidential), get help in locating a spiritual home (or starting your own religious student group), and discover ways to be involved in interfaith discussions or activities.  If it?s information about Evans Chapel you want, or the academic study of religion, you?ll find links here as well. The University of Denver is an exciting place to be.  Let your spirit soar!  I?m here to help; let me know how!  I'm available for conversation and counseling -- sharing the trying times and the celebrations.  In the meantime, snoop the site!  Begin the quest!  Engage the beyond! Manifold blessings! The Rev. Gary R. Brower, Ph.D University Chaplain
  • Religious Accommodations

    • The University of Denver recognizes and celebrates the wide diversity of religious traditions represented among its students, faculty, staff and administrators.  And DU intends that members of all of those traditions are able to find support on campus.   Below you will find links to the University's Religious Accommodations policy, as well as links to calendars of the holy days of the world's religious traditions.

    • About the Office

      The Office of Religious & Spiritual Life passionately advocates for the integration of religious, spiritual and ethical voices and values at the University of Denver.

      To that end, the Office

      • nurtures the life of the heart and spirit, both individually and corporately; 
      • supports the integrity of each individual community member's quest for truth, meaning, and belonging; 
      • celebrates the diversity of the world's religious and spiritual traditions, especially as represented at DU; 
      • promotes meaningful encounters, engagement and understanding across lines of religious and disciplinary commitments; 
      • and challenges the community to translate its commitments into action.
    • DU Religious Accommodations Policy
    • Holy Days with Obligations/Restrictions

    • Comprehensive Interfaith Calendar

      A comprehensive calendar of holy days observed by most of the world's major religious traditions.  Not all of the holy days, or days of observance, on this calendar involve food or work restrictions.

  • Bereavement Policy

  • Religious Life Calendar

  • Table of Contents

    •      Due to limitations of space in the page headers, we've resorted to a Table of Contents!  Below, you'll find a brief description of each Chapter tab!

    • Chapter 1: About Us -- An overview of the Office of Religious & Spiritual Life, as well as brief bios of the Staff. Here will also be found podcasts of Chaplain Gary's sermons and audio versions of the newsletter meditations.
      Chapter 2: Spiritual Care & Pastoral Services -- The kinds of pastoral/counseling services the office offers, including information on marriage.
      Chapter 3: Evans Chapel -- Information on historic Evans Memorial Chapel, including instructions on how to reserve the space.
      Chapter 4: Book Group -- A description of upcoming Book Discussions, as well as lists of the previous books (and recordings of many of the discussions).
      Chapter 5: For Students -- Information for students (and parents) on finding a religious home (including student groups), current programs, and opportunities for Interfaith involvement.
      Chapter 6: For Faculty/Staff -- Information on programs aimed more specifically at faculty and staff, including "Appreciative Living Circles" and "Care for the Ages"
      Chapter 7: Care for the Ages -- "Care for the Ages" is a program resource for faculty and staff (and others) who are faced with the challenges of dealing with aging parents, or who are members of a "sandwich" family structure..
      Chapter 8: DU Religious Council -- Information about the council of religious group leaders, how to become a member, and minutes of past meetings.
      Chapter 9: Archive -- Some descriptions of past programs, and recordings of some of the panel discussions.
      Chapter 10: FAQ/Resources/Links -- Answers to frequently asked questions, various helpful links to other departments at the University, off-site links, etc. Always something of interest!
  • Contact Information

    • Office: Driscoll Student Center, Suite 29
      2050 E. Evans Ave.
      Denver, CO 80208
      Phone: 303-871-4488

      The office is reached by going down the stairs from the bookstore, and turning left.  It is the last door on the right.  It can also be reached from the west entrance to the building (i.e., from the covered parking lot on Evans Ave.)  On the Campus Map, it is found just inside the western entrance to the southern portion of the Driscoll Student Center.

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      An archive of the first year's "meditations" from the newsletters can be found on the "Archive" page.  Click the "Archive" tab above.  Subsequent meditations can be found at Chaplain Gary's blogsite:  "On a Bike and a Prayer."

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