• I view student mentoring as a process of developing a professional identity and personal growth. I focus my mentoring on three primary areas: (a) self-awareness, knowledge, and skill development, (b) sense of professional belonging, and (c) personal well-being. I work closely with advisees to encourage their interests and support their professional goals. I seek to connect my advisees to people, resources, and opportunties that will advance their professional development and sense they are benefitting their community and society at large. A few of the ways in which I do this include: (a) bi-weekly meetings with all doctoral advisees throughout the academic year, (b) an active research team comprised of doctoral advisees, (c) yearly advisee gatherings, and (d) connecting students with colleagues and professional organizations. My past advisees have gone on to work in a variety of professional settings, including: academic institutions, university counseling centers, community mental health agencies, and consulting. 

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