• History - UCCS

  • Pink and Black Triangles

     Instructor: Dr. Robert Sackett 

    University of Colorado Colorado Springs 

     Abstract: The Pink and Black Triangles represent how the Nazi's identified Homosexual Men and Women within the Concentration Camps. Through the use of oral histories, and memiors history of the experiences of men and women will be shared. 

  • Pink and Black Triangles

  • Wakashu - A 3rd Gender

    Instructor: Dr. Yang Wei 

    University of Colorado Colorado Springs 

    Abstract: Wakashu - A 3rd Gender is an exploration of the Wakashu who lived in Edo Japan during the Tokugawa Era. The Wakashu were adolescent males who had not yet gone through their coming of age ceremony. The Wakashu were involved in same-sex relationships with older males and were also involved in sexual relationships with older females. This paper explores who the Wakashu were, the way gender/sexuality were understood in Japan prior to the Meiji Era and how the Meiji Era changed what gender/sexuality acceptance looked like in Japan.



  • Nick Ota-Wang, Wakashu - A Third Gender May 2018

  • Higher Education - DU

  • Queer and Ally Program at the University of Denver

    Instructor: Dr. Samuel Museus 

    Community Advisor: Dr. Thomas E. Walker 

    Capstone for Master of Arts in Higher Education from the University of Denver, 2014

    Abstract: The University of Denver Center for Multicultural Excellence like many universities in the United States of America have a program framed around a program known as Safe Zone. At DU this program is called the Queer and Ally Program. This capstone looks at the history of Safe Zones and does a program initial assessment of the Queer and Ally program helping to bring suggestions for changes to the University of Denver. 

  • Queer and Ally Program at the University of Denver

  • History - CU Denver

  • The Queen City: Denver’s Homophile Organizations from 1950-1970

    The Queen City: Denver’s Homophile Organizations from 1950-1970

    Instructor: Dr. Peter Kopp

    University of Colorado Denver 

    Abstract: From 1950-1970 the Homophile Movement in the US grew from three organizations: the Mattachine Society, Daughters of Bilitis and One, Inc. Two of these organizations the Mattachine Society and the Daughters of Bilitis built community, formed local membership and chapter, and helped change Denver and the nation to acceptance of the homosexual for themselves and education of society. This paper explores the founding of both organizations, their Denver membership, and their national conventions held in Denver in 1959 and 1968. 

    Nick Ota-Wang - Mattachine Society and Daughters of Bilitis - May 2020 version.pdf

  • The Queen City: Denver’s Gay Community’s fight for legal changes - 1973-1974

    Instructor: Dr. Chris Agee 

    University of Colorado Denver 

    Abstract: In 1973 members of the Gay community in Denver attended a City Council meeting to fight for change in the City and County of Denver city ordinances. Additionally in 1973 a group of LGBT citizens through the Gay Coalition of Denver filed a lawsuit against the city and couty of Denver fighting for change. 

    Nick Ota-Wang - The Queen City- Denver’s Gay Community’s fight for legal changes - 1973-1974.pdf

  • Masquerade as Oneself: The Women Soldiers of the US Civil War

    Instructor: Dr. Marjorie Levine-Clark 

    University of Colorado Denver 


    Abstract: During the US Civil War, thousands of individuals fought for both sides of the war. What makes fighting during the Civil War unique? All of these soldiers were born female and were mascarading as men. Their stories are ones of self acceptance, courage, and dedication to fighting for what one needs from life. 


    Final Draft - Gender & Sexualities .pdf

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