• Facilitator Information

  • OLLI West is always looking for new facilitators!

    Facilitators are the very heart of our OLLI program. OLLI is successful because every term we have an intriguing curriculum and a "faculty" of dedicated people volunteering their time to make it happen.

    If you are interested in finding out more about facilitating at OLLI West, review the guides on this web page and/or contact one of our Curriculum Committee Co-Chairs, Bob Magnani at bobmagnani@comcast.net or Jim Keller at kellerjb10@aol.com.

    A presentation/course proposal form will need to be submitted. Due dates per term for proposal form submission can be found in the Curriculum Calendar in the right column of this web page. Please click on the link below to open the submission form.

  • OLLI West Course and Presentation Proposal Form link

  • OLLI West Curriculum Committee Contacts

    To open, print and/or download the PDF, click on the double arrow icon >> in the window below -


  • Facilitator FAQs

  • Below you will find the FAQ sheet that summarizes important information from the Handbook as well as common questions asked by Facilitators.  You can download and print OR save a soft copy on your computer.

  • Facilitator FAQs

  • Facilitator Resources

  • OLLI Course Planning Worksheet

  • OLLI Library Materials

    The following document lists all the DU library materials available to OLLI facilitators to assist in class preparations and presentations.

  • Learning Power Point

    Death by Power Point video for humorous, good tips!

    click on the image to open the presentation or either of these links to download the document/presentation:

    Powerpoint - Learn It

    Powerpoint - Learn It - PDF document

  • Facilitor Resources Continued

  • Academic Year Due Dates for Facilitators, Curriculum Committee and Administration

  • To open and/or download the file, click on the double arrow icon (>>) in the PDF viewer below. Or you can click on these Word or PDF links:

    OLLI CURRICULUM CALENDAR 21-22 Updated Sep15_21 for West only.pdf  


    Below you will find the Handbook in 2 different formats - Word and Adobe PDF.

  • 2020 OLLI West Facilitator Handbook - Word format

  • Appendix F-Gift Certificate Request Form - Word format

  • 2020 Facilitator Handbook - PDF Version

    To open, print and/or download the PDF, click on the double arrow icon >> in the window below -

  • Using Portfolio to Create Your Own Web Page

    Save Time & Effort!
    Use Portfolio to Provide Class Information!

    Portfolio is  a web based program that allows you to post text, pictures, or class information, links to Internet web pages, documents, or other content that is accessible to class members. It is managed by DU and OLLI facilitators can use to set up a class webpage. It is a tremendous tool that will save you the time and effort from having to email information to your class.

    Need Help with OLLI Portfolio?  OLLI West’s Portfolio contact is: Larry Tannenbaum - larrydtannenbaum@comcast.net

  • WorldView / Trip Planning Guidelines 

  • How the Adult Brain Learns Presentation

    by Dr. Allison Friederichs

  • Related article by Dr Friederichs for the higher education website UNBOUND:  How The Adult Brain Learns

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