• Volunteering

  • OLLI at DU is a Volunteer Organization.  OLLI members and volunteer instructors are the heartbeat of the institute and are the reason it will thrive while keeping the fees low.  Volunteering is a direct way for members to have input into the decisions and direction of OLLI.  Volunteering is a rewarding and stimulating experience, and another way to meet new people.  There are many ways to become involved in any of the OLLI at DU sites. Your involvement supports the continuation of OLLI at DU and its growth and health.
  • Current Volunteer Opportunities:

    There are people talented in the world of technology.  Folks who fearlessly deal with computers, DVD players, projectors, sound bars, remotes and other types of audio and visual equipment.  If you are one of these advanced beings, OLLI South wants to hear from you!  
    We have a number of dynamic facilitators who do not share your joy of all things electronic.  Your ability to not be intimidated by switches and plug ins or your willingness to simply 'play' with the equipment causing it to suddenly come alive is greatly appreciated by our facilitators!  We need YOU to join our already formed Geek Squad.
    Joining the OLLI South Geek Squad brings opportunities:
    1. You receive training and assistance by Erin Angel (our "Angel" of an IT specialist) on the various aspects of all things audio/visual for OLLI South.
    2. You join a group of likeminded 'Geeks'.
    3. Your name will be added to our Geek Squad list utilized by Class Assistants when a facilitator is having trouble with their equipment.  (You will only be called upon when you are scheduled for a class at OLLI.  We won't be calling you at home!)
    4. Your unique talents assist the classes and facilitators, allowing all to run more smoothly
    We encourage you to contact ollisouth@gmail.com for more information.  

    Each term, you are able to indicate your interest in becoming a classroom assistant while registering for your classes.  This is a great way to give back to OLLI and make new friends!  Please email us at ollisouth@gmail.com if you have any questions about the duties of a classroom assistant!

  • Classroom Assistant Training.pdf
  • Curriculum Committee

  • The Curriculum Committee is always interested in talking with potential facilitators!  Our members provide lots of good feedback on the courses they would love to take.  If you are passionate about one of the following subjects, our members want to take your class!  Please reach out to any of the Curriculum Committee members listed on the "Curriculum Committee" tab.

    • Russian History
    • Animals
    • Women Film Directors
    • Technology
    • Geography
    • Short stories
    • Civil Rights
    • Shakespeare  
    • Crafts courses (Textiles, etc.)
    • Latin Art
    • Demographics
    • Nature 
  • Member Relations Committee

  • The Member Relations Committee is looking for OLLI members who would like to help out with standing committees.  Please see the "Member Relations Committee" tab for more information.

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