• Spring 2019 Classes

  • List Updated as of 3/17/19.

    Speaker Series

    Active Minds

    China - Old/New Kid on the Block, Sue Bramley

    Alive and Well!

    The Aging Brain, Abe Grinberg FILLED

    See the Trees--And the Forest, Cindy DeMoss and Linda Green


    Beginner Yoga, De Swiger

    Beginning Birdwatching with Denver Audubon, Cindy Kristensen and Dick Anderson FILLED

    The Great Game of Bridge - Advanced Techniques, Wilt Cooper

    The Great Game of Bridge - More Common Conventions, Wilt Cooper

    Splash into Watercolor, Rosemarie Lohnert FILLED


    The Apollo Space Program: An Insider's View, David Scruggs FILLED

    Undaunted Courage: The Lewis & Clark Expedition of Discovery, Charles Holt

    Wooden Ships & Iron Men: The Royal Navy vs France 1793-1815, Tony Morgan FILLED

    Literature & Writing

    The "A-Ha" Moments: Remembering & Writing Your Life Stories, Connie Shoemaker

    The Art of Wordcraft, Mike Brady and Bev Brady

    Dare to Dream: Poetry Workshop foro the Timid and the Talented, Sally Walling

    Early TV, Visionary Writing: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Paranormal, Jerry Wischmeyer and Nina Dowd

    1969: The Year Everything Changed?, Pat Paul 

    Urban Indians in Oakland: Book Study of There There by Tommy Orange, Sally Walling FILLED

    Philiosophy, Religion & Culture

    Buddhist Psychology, Addressing the Challenges & Stresses in our Lives, Gretchen Groth

    Existential Dilemmas Seen Through the Eyes of Modern Philsophers, Abe Grinberg

    Harari's 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, Terry Ortlieb

    Jerusalem: City of Resilience 638 CE to Present Day, Peggy Breeding FILLED

    Political Science & Economics

    Cybersecurity, Paul Mauro

    Foundations of Economic Prosperity, Ira Rifkin and Stan Folker FILLED

    Great Decisions 2019, Chuck Laskey and Bill Gernert

    My Last Passage: Planning for the End of Life, Bill Baird

    The Politics of Food: Who Controls What We Eat, Bayard Breeding

    Repairing the House Divided, Gary Wyngarden FILLED

    TED Talks: More Ideas Worth Spreading, Barbara Pond and Sarah Burk

    Science, Math & Technology

    All About Time, Charles Holt FILLED

    Great Inventions that Changed the Modern Worth, Stuart Gentry

    Introduction to Space, Eric Johnson

    More Interesting Scientists: A Speaker Series, Dave Jonasson FILLED

    Physics and Impossibiities, Dan Pond

    What the BLEEP Do We Know about Theoretical Physics?, Peter Gilbert


    The Art of Espionage: A Look into the Spy Business, Thomas White FILLED

    Issues in Medical Ethics, Art Strasburger FILLED

    Visual & Performing Arts

    Eight Must-See Movies, Eight Genres, and Why They Matter, Jerry Wischmeyer

    The Magic of Jim Henson & the Art of Puppetry, Natalie Conklin

    Oscar Movies 2 (1976-2007), Bob Magnani

    Symphony 202: What Makes Great Music?, Leah Kovach

    Women of Abstract Expressionism, Karen Lindsay



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