• Winter 2019 Classes

  • List Updated as of 1/14/19.

  • Alive and Well!

    The Aging Brain, Abe Grinberg. FILLED

    Ins & Outs of Diet and Exercise: A New You in 2019, Anne Bennett & Susan Polycarpou

    Managing the Maverick Mind: Mindfulness I, Barbe Ratcliffe FILLED

    Recorder Fun: Learn to Play Recorder and Read Music, Pat Gibson

    Treasures to Trash: Pathways to Aging in Place, Kay Bowman & Jenny Fortenberry FILLED

    Understanding Grief and Loss, Peggy Robinson

  • Economics

    Foundations of Economic Prosperity, Ira Rifkin & Stan Folker

  • Extracurricular

    Beginner Yoga, De Swiger

    Chess for Current Players, Bob Magnani CANCELLED

    Color Your World with Alcohol Ink, Peggy Winn FILLED

    The Great Game of Bridge - Advanced Play, Wilt Cooper

    The Great Game of Bridge - Play of the Hand, Wilt Cooper

    The Wildlife of Winter - Kate Hogan

  • History

    The Bataan Death March and the Fall of the Philippines in WWII, Jim Bowman & Lowell Fortune

    China: Still an Enigma and How it Got That Way, Walter Shaw & David Evans FILLED

    Crusade in Europe, Mac McHugh 

    Turning Points in American History - In Our Lifetime, Jim Grow

    Understanding a Bit About Imperial China: Dynasties, Life, Culture, Barbe Ratcliffe

  • Literature and Writing

    Britain's 19th Century Women Authors: Jane Austen's Persuasion and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - Anita Leitner

    English in America, Renee Romanowski and Susan Polycarpou

    More and More Poetry, Sally Walling

    The 1960s: New Yorker Esays from a Chaotic Decade, Bob Steele FILLED

    Poet's Brown Bag, Nancy Bierman and Rocky Rhoads

  • Philosophy, Religion and Culture

    Harari's 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, Terry Ortlieb 

    Islam 101: Discovering Islam, Gulsum Katmer FILLED

    Jerusalem: City of Resilience, 1000 BCE-638 CE, Peggy Breeding FILLED

    More of the World's Greatest Churches, Barb Pond

  • Political Science and Current Events

    Immigration: The Changing Face of America, Bill Baird FILLED

    Racism in America, Janet Kester

    Social Justice, Part 2 of 2, Carolyn Kallemeyn 

    Supreme Court in Review: The 2017-2018 Term, Brian Gibson

    TED Talks, Barbara Pond & Sarah Burk 

  • Science, Math, and Technology

    Exploring Nature with Alexander von Humboldt, Linda Green

    How the Universe was Formed: A Study in Cosmology, Stuart Gentry 

    Introductory Logic, Dan Pond

    Serious Evolution: From Beginning to Future, Bill Vigor

  • Soci-OLLIgies

    Archaeology - It's Way More than Digging for Treasures, Anne Christner FILLED

    Genius: Leonardo - Scientist, Inventor, Artist, Sylvia Trujillo FILLED

    The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Poilitics & Religion, Charlie Clack FILLED

    What Makes Life Most Worth Living, Gary Wyngarden FILLED

  • Visual and Performing Arts

    Amazing Movies You Might Have Missed (repeat), Sally Walling

    Influential People in the American Art Genres: Who Causes the Buzz, Sue Bramley & Natalie Conklin

    Loving Vincent: Van Gogh Through Multi-Media, Judith Vlasin FILLED

    Matinee at the Bijou: The Screwball Comedy Mysteries, Mac McHugh

    Navajo Rugs and Trading Posts, Tom Corona

    Select Explorations: Explorers & the Essence of the Human Spirit, Jerry Wischmeyer

    The Smithsonian: What Its Artifacts Teach Us About Us, Natalie Conklin

  • Friday Features

    An Overview of Mexican Folk Art, Rebecca McAlister

    A Morning with the 1st Woman Who Walked Around the World, Polly Letofsky

    The Cartographic Roots of Colorado, Wesley Brown

  • Winter 2019 Class Syllabi

  • Aging Brain, The.pdf

  • Amazing Movies You Might Have Missed.pdf

  • Archaeology.pdf

    (Revised 12/31/19)

  • Britain's 19th Century Women Authors.pdf

  • Chess for Current Players.pdf

  • China - Still an Enigma.pdf

  • Color Your World with Alcohol Ink.pdf

  • Crusade in Europe.pdf

  • English in America .pdf

  • Foundations of Economic Prosperity.pdf

  • Genius- Leonardo.pdf

  • Harari 21 lessons.pdf

  • How the Universe Was Formed.pdf

    (Revised 12/26/19)

  • Immigration - The Changing Face of America.pdf

  • Influential People in the American Art Genres.pdf

  • Ins and Outs of Diet and Exercise.pdf

  • Introductory Logic.pdf

  • Jerusalem-City of Resilience.pdf

  • Loving Vincent.pdf

  • Matinee at the Bijou Screwball Mysteries.pdf

  • Managing the Maverick Mind .pdf

  • More of the World's Great Churches.pdf

  • The 1960s New Yorker Essays.pdf

  • Racism in America.pdf

  • Recorder Fun.pdf

  • Righteous Mind.pdf

  • Select Explorations.pdf

  • Serious Evolution.pdf

  • Smithsonian .pdf

  • Supreme Court in Review.pdf

  • Ted Talks.pdf

  • Treasures to Trash .pdf

  • Turning Points in American History.pdf

  • Understanding Grief and Loss.pdf

  • Understanding A Bit About Imperial China.pdf

  • Wildlife of Winter.pdf

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