• Forms sent in email Winter 2021/Training Forms

  • Additional Zoom Training Requests.xlsx

    Advanced Zoom Facilitator Tips - Winter 2021.docx

    How to Access Course Rosters-Winter 2021.docx

    OLLI at DU Zoom Basics-2021.docx

    Tips from Fellow Zoom Facilitators - Winter 2021.docx

    Zoom Screen Sharing Winter 2021.docx 

    Creating Breakout Rooms 121221.docx


    OLLI poll question examples.pdf

  • Protocol for OLLI Online class sessions

    Zoom Video Tips for Facilitators

    The Zoom Meeting Window



  • ZOOM System Requirements

    Zoom tutorial, presenting a powerpoint slideshow v1.

    Zoom Tutorial, Joining and Participating in a Zoom Meeting v1.1

  • How to share screen with Keynote and show participants

  • Click here to download pdf:  HOW TO SCREENSHARE KEYNOTE ON MAC AND STILL SEE (1).pdf 

  • How to share only a portion of your screen

  • Marc Rochkind- share only portion of your screen


  • Sharing a portion of your screen

  • Zoom permission to Share Screen on Mac Catalina

  • Breakout Rooms

  • Screen Shots for Setting a Breakout Room(s) once in a Zoom session



  • Power Point in ZOOM

  • Speed Test for Computer

  • speedtest.net

    Then hit go



  • Suggestion from Marc Rochkind on microphone


  • Programs to convert videos

  • Wondershare:  https://videoconverter.wondershare.com/


    Use VLC to play DVD's

    VLC:  https://www.videolan.org/vlc/

  • How To Be Camera Ready

  • Need Help with OLLI Portfolio?!

  • Why Use Portfolio?

    We encourage all facilitators to take advantage of Portfolio. 

    Portfolio is  a web based program that allows you to post text, pictures, or class information, links to Internet web pages, documents, or other content that is accessible to class members. It is managed by DU and OLLI facilitators can use to set up a class webpage. 

    It is a tremedous tool that will save you the time and effort from having to email information to your class. 


    Click to download document:

    The Art of teacing adults online.pdf

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