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  • Registration opens Monday February 21st 
    The Spring Course Catalog and Course Index by Genre and Day are now available. Click here!

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    Spring Term offers over 140 classes, as well as an In-Person Speaker Series, and two Online Seminar series. We offer over 35 In-Person classes through OLLI Central, South, West and East sites. 

    The Registration fee is $140. This Registration includes course and webinar enrollment for the term. Note that between-term events such as webinars and seminars are NOT included and cost $15.00 each. 

    Taking or teaching classes virtually on Zoom?

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    In-Person Classes & Covid 19

    We are planning on returning to In-Person classes in spring. In an effort to keep members and facilitators safe, the following policy has been put in place: OLLI at DU COVID Protocol document.

    Highlights from the Covid-19 policy include:

    • Vaccinations are recommended for OLLI members attending in-person classes.
    • At the current time, it is required that all OLLI DU members wear a face covering at all times while indoors at OLLI-sponsored classes and events. It is recommended you wear an N-95/KN-95 mask or 3-ply surgical mask. This may change as the positivity rate drops and our facilities adjust. We will keep you advised.
    • It is recommended that all OLLI DU members who are unvaccinated and not fully vaccinated should maintain social distancing (6-foot distancing from others not in their household) while attending in-person classes and when meeting in common areas wherever feasible.
    • While in the classroom, there can be no food or open beverage containers.
    • If you do not feel well, PLEASE stay home and get tested. If you test POSITIVE, please report this information to OLLIReportCovid@DU.EDU  for contact tracing purposes

    In the event that In-Person classes get cancelled or cut short, some facilitators will switch to Zoom to finish the term. Most will not. Please review our refund policy in the Catalog.

    Click the Locations Tab to see where Spring In-Person classes will be held.

  • What Members Say About OLLI Classes

    Get Your Kicks on Rte 66 with Dr. Mark Payler:

    Mark couldn't possibly have made this class more fun or informative for us. His photography and personal vignettes along The Route were incredible. He has made many resources available to us and offered helpful recommendations for planning a trip on our own. I enjoyed each and every one of our guest speakers and I am grateful that he arranged for them (on very short notice, I imagine) to speak to us. Mark handled Zoom easily and was able to regroup quickly on the one brief occasion when we had audio difficulties. Thank you so much, Mark! I definitely got my kicks on Route 66!

    The Early Irish in Colorado with Dr. James Walsh

    “Dr. Walsh's enthusiasm for the topic is palpable and infectious. He focused on information that was understandable, accessible and fueled people's interest. Very interesting class. Made Irish history come to life.”

    Classical Music Insights with Betsy Schwarm

    “This was a truly wonderful class with great music and a simple overview of classical music. Betsy is open, enthusiastic, and has a huge bank of information to share. She clearly has the ability to answer questions and elaborate on most things. By far, this Zoom class fulfilled my expectations since it is a more traditional lecture/discussion format.”

    Tracing Your Family History with Carol Cooke Darrow

    “Carol's course takes into account a vast amount of material and as she will admit, is far too much to absorb in a few hours. What we have accomplished through her guidance is to get at least a taste of the work and some initial steps toward the goal of researching our family's history. The materials she sends to us contains hundreds of methods for this research and an orderly approach to the work ahead.
    Carol is so passionate AND knowledgeable about genealogy.  She is a great teacher. And, best, she has offered to help us when stuck on-going! Even after class ends. On-line worked great!”

    Virtual Poetry Café with Linda Keller

    “This was so great. Linda was flexible enough to change her plan a little, letting us comment after each poem, which made it even better. GREAT JOB!!”

    German Conversation and Culture with Linda Susak

    “Well-paced class, with instructor highly skilled in balancing new learners and more experienced language learners together. Participation was encouraged.”

    “We had some absolute beginners and some who had studied German before, but Linda called on everyone according to their ability.”

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  • The Bernard Osher Foundation

    The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Denver (OLLI) at DU) is a membership program designed for adults 50 and over, who wish to pursue lifelong learning in a relaxed non-competitive atmosphere.  There are no tests,  grades, or academic requirements - only a desire to learn and a curious nature.

    Thanks to the generosity of the The Bernard Osher Foundation, OLLI at DU joins a network of 124 Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes across the United States that believes that the development and delivery of quality educational programs for 50+ adults is important for sustaining quality of life and healthy minds.

    We invite you to donate to support our scholarship fund, programming or our research, please contact us at: 303-871-3090.

    Learn more: www.osherfoundation.org

  • FAQs

    How many terms?  3 terms:  Fall, Winter and Spring

    How long are classes?  Classes run for 1-3 hours, once a week, for 1-8 weeks per term.

    What happens between terms or during the summer?  Special events such as Speaker Series may take place during or between terms, or on occasion in the summer. And when there is a pandemic many sites offer activities and field trips.

    Who teaches the classes?  Most are facilitated by OLLI members who may have professional knowledge (or passion) iin the subjects they teach. Some are taught by retired faculty members, community and civic leaders and independent scholars.  Others may take place at a museum, artist’s studio, or a theater where the resident professional teaches the class.

    How much does it cost?  The Membership (tuition) fee is $140 per term for unlimited classes (In Person and or Online) so long as space is available.

    Are there additional costs? Some classes may have an extra fee for required materials. Some classes recommend books to be used with the class.

    What about homework?  The beautiful part about lifeong learning is you can do as much or as little in each class. There are no grades. Many facilitators will send out readings or recommend a book to accompany their class.  Some many even have you watch a video on your own.

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