• SYLLABUS - Singers and Songwriters of Rock and Roll with Robert Joyce

    JOYCE Rock and Roll SYLLABI.docx

  • SYLLABUS - Jesus and John Wayne: Masculinity and Christian Nationalism with Dr. Dheepa Sundaram and Zach Chrisman

    D SUNDARAM and CHRISMAN Masculinity SYLLABI.docx

  • SYLLABUS - A History of Photography with Dr. Mark Payler

    PAYLER Photography SYLLABI.docx

  • SYLLABUS- Outsmarting Anti-semitism with Rabbi Yossi Serebryanski

    SEREBRYANSKI Antisemitism SYLLABI.docx

  • SYLLABUS- Operas based on Myth and Legend with Gordon Kalton Williams

    WILLIAMS Opera and Myth SYLLABI.docx

  • SYLLABUS- Between the Wars: Classical Music of the 1920s with Betsy Schwarm

    SCHWARM Between Wars SYLLABI.docx

  • SYLLABUS- Spanish-flavored Classical Music - and Not Just Guitars with Betsy Schwarm

    SCHWARM Guitars SYLLABI.docx

  • SYLLABUS-New Objectivity: German Art Between the Wars - PART ONE with Linda Susak

    SUSAK New Objectivity ONE SYLLABI.docx

  • SYLLABUS-New Objectivity: German Art Between the Wars- PART TWO with Linda Susak

    SUSAK New Objectivity TWO SYLLABI.docx

  • SYLLABUS- Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with Kara Traikoff

    TRAIKOFF Mindfulness SYLLABI.docx

  • SYLLABUS- Intersectionality: the overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination and disadvantage with Dr. Santhosh Chandrashekar

    CHANDRASHEKAR Intersectionality Syllabus.docx

  • SYLLABUS- Narrating the Story: The Epic Ramayana in Madhubani Paintings with Mitra Verma & Dr. Dheepa Sundaram

    D SUNDARAM and VERMA Indian Art SYLLABI.docx

  • SYLLABUS- Researching your Family History with Carol Cooke Darrow

    Darrow Family Research Syllabus.docx

  • SYLLABUS- Understanding the Basic Drivers of Climate Change: the natural and the man-made with Rumya Sundaram

    R SUNDARAM Climate Change SYLLABI.docx

  • SYLLABUS- You Told Me What? When? Communication & Relationship Skills with Isik Aytac

    AYTAC Communication Syllabus.docx

  • SYLLABUS- The Short Stuff: Writing Short Stories with Carolyn Varvel

    VARVEL Short Story SYLLABI.docx

  • SYLLABUS- The Irish Diaspora in North America with Dr. James Walsh

    WALSH Irish Diaspora SYLLABI.docx

  • SYLLABUS- The American Labor Movement and History of Workers' Rights with Dr. James Walsh

    WALSH Labor Movement SYLLABI.docx

  • SYLLABUS- Exploring and Creating Sacred Dot Mandalas with Mitra Verma

    VERMA Mandala Art SYLLABI.docx

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