• OLLI Boulder - Contact Information

  • Barbara Darling
    OLLI Boulder Site Manager
    Sherry Feinbaum
    OLLI Boulder Administrative Assistant
    OLLI's Main Office is located at:
    University College at DU
    2211 South Josephine Street
    Denver, CO 80208
    Barbe Ratcliffe, Executive Director
  • Curriculum Committee Members

  • Wayne Grider - Curriculum Committee Co-Chairperson


    Bill Walters - Curriculum Committee Co-Chairperson


    Subcommittee leads:

    Arts, Writing and Literature

         Molly Gardner - Gmolly@comcast.net

    Health and Well-being

         Penny Friedberg - Penny.Friedberg@gmail.com

    History, Economics, World Affairs

         Reva Greenburg - rgburg@gmail.com

         Wayne Grider - wayne.grider@hotmail.com

    Philosophy, Religion, Psychology

         Patti Gassaway - patti.gassaway@colorado.edu

         Margaret Strumpf - margstrumpf@gmail.com

    Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM)

         Joe Parker - parkerj66@gmail.com

    Boulder Speaker Series

          Sally Phillips - hikersal@gmail.com





  • Mountain View United Methodist Church

    355 Ponca Place

    Boulder, CO 80303


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