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    • The 8-week Fall term begins the week of September 16 and ends on Thursday, November 7, 2019.

    • You can browse the fall curriculum by accessing the catalog below. Scroll down the pages of the catalog. To assist in planning, the Weekly Calendar for the Fall 2019 Term at OLLI Boulder  will give you a quick overview of the schedule layed out in a calendar format. You may also click to download the catalog to your computer by clicking on the double arrows >> at the top right of the catalog.

      Our classes may fill quickly and some are limited in class size. There are two ways to register: 

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      Tips for Registering Online

      1. Only one person can register per unique email address. If you share an email address with another OLLI member, one of you will need to register by mail. We encourage all our members to have their own email address!
      2. Please register for one class per time slot. If we are unable to place you in your selected class, you will have an opportunity to register for another class for that day/time if desired, at a later date. 
      3. Rank your "Order of Preference" for each class. Rank the class you most want as number 1. Use each preference number only once. You should have only one class ranked as 1, one class ranked as 2, and so on.



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    Central, East, On Campus: https://access.du.edu/s/1150/community/index.aspx?sid=1150&gid=1012&pgid=20193&cid=35762

    West, Boulder: https://access.du.edu/s/1150/community/index.aspx?sid=1150&gid=1012&pgid=20190&cid=35686

    South: https://access.du.edu/s/1150/community/index.aspx?sid=1150&gid=1012&pgid=20172&cid=35617




    The OLLI membership/tuition fee is $130 per term (Fall, Winter, Spring). You may take classes at any of the six OLLI sites for the one fee.  Please check class descriptions for any Materials Fees that may apply for a certain class. 

    To learn about classes at OLLI Boulder, OLLI Central, OLLI South, OLLI East and OLLI-On-Campus OLLI West, visit these sites:







    There are no refunds later than 10 days into the term (some exceptions may be considered).


  • Fall Term Classes by Topic

  • Arts and Literature

    The Art of the Short Story-Carol Anthony Click here for syllabus

    CLASS FULL Oscar Movies 2 (1976-2007)-Bob Magnani Click here for syllabus  

    Reading YA Literature: What Is It?  Why Is It So Popular?-Pat Walters  Click here for syllabus

    Rewarding, Rejuvenating Retirement: Purpose & Pleasure Renewed-Nan Phifer  Click here for syllabus

    Health and Well-being

    The Brain and Art Making-Gail Edwards  Click here for syllabus

    Getting the Most From the U.S. Healthcare System-Tom Gottlieb/Cynthia Perry  Click here for syllabus 

    Nutrition for Health and Vitality-Penny Friedberg  Click here for syllabus

    CLASS FULL! Pathways to Integrative Medicine-Eight Physicians Click here for syllabus

    History, Economics, World Affairs

    CLASS FULL! Current Economic Issues: Facts and Fallacies-Marcelle Arak/Len Sahling  Click here for syllabus

    CLASS FULL! Europe Today: The Fractured Continent-Reva Greenburg  Click here for syllabus

    Great Decisions- Wayne Grider  Click here for syllabus

    CLASS FULL! Norm Busting: Breaking the Unwritten Traditions of Our Democracy from Adams to Trump-Avi Isseroff  Click here for syllabus

    Understanding Racial Inequality in America: A Historical Perspective-Frank Dubofsky  Click here for syllabus

    Women of the World-Tracy Ehlers  Click here for syllabus

    Philosophy, Religion, Psychology

    Better Now Than Later: The Difficult Conversations-Constance Holden  Click here for syllabus

    Empathy Through Understanding the Nine Enneagram Types-Todd Payne  Click here for syllabus

    Introduction to Jungian Psychology 1-Ron Benham/Patti Gassaway  Click here for syllabus


    A Big History of Technology-Kathleen Ochs  Click here for syllabus

    CLASS FULL! Chasing Colorado: Boulder County’s Geologic History-Wilson Wiedenheft  Click here for syllabus

    The Human Response to Climate Change: A Play in Three Acts-Phil Nelson  Click here for syllabus

    Science, Technology and Medicine in the News-A. Gerson Greenburg  Click here for syllabus

    CLASS FULL! Boulder Speaker Series--Topics Worth Exploring  Click here for syllabus

    9/16/2019     The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood: Separating Fact from Fiction    Presenter: Dr. Nader Hashemi

    9/23/2019     Love in the Time of Yellow Fever: The Life and Loves of William C. Gorgas, Medical Officer     Presenter: Carol Byerly 

    9/30/2019     Duke Ellington through the Decades     Presenter: Harriet Milne (PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE!)

    10/14/2019  Ecology and Life Cycle of the Honey Bee     Presenter: Suzanne Connolly 

    10/21/2019 Canada - U.S. Relations: Friends, Partners, Allies     Presenter: Stéphane Lessard (PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE!)

    10/7/2019     Increasing the World’s – and Our – Wisdom Quotient in a Time of Shortsighted Decision Making     Presenter: Ren Feldman  

    10/28/2019  Do We Need the Humanities – Can We Learn From Our Past?     Presenter: Patty Limerick 

    11/4/2019  The U.S. Cpitol and Colorado State Capitol; Iconic Buildings that Symbolize our Nation and State    Presenter: Ellen Stanton

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