• OLLI to Offer New Online Courses!

    You don't want to miss this this OLLI Online learning experience!

    We have built an OLLI Online site for Spring term. You can access it at: https://portfolio.du.edu/ollionline


    Here's a letter from OLLI's Executive Director, Barbe Ratcliffe:

    Our world continues to change daily! Since my last communication, we have been ‘asked’ to stay home with few exceptions. I know for many of us, confinement to home is not something we are accustomed to nor enjoy, however it is the way of the world today. With all that is occurring, your OLLI at DU staff and amazing facilitators have been discovering the possibilities of online learning. We are working to bring such an adventure to your living room!

    When I last communicated, we did not know if this was going to be a possibility. It is! That said, it will not be a perfect possibility. Nothing can replace being together, with the OLLI Facilitator sharing their passion in person. Given this is not a possibility at this time, we have moved to the second-best option…OLLI Online.

    We are collecting course offerings from OLLI facilitators…from all six of our OLLI sites. This means you will be able to experience facilitators and topics whom you may never have experienced before. The course offerings are delightfully diverse.

    Our intended (note the word…intended) timeline is:

    • Launch OLLI Online catalog and registration link on Sunday, April 5th
    • We will offer OLLI members a “Zoom Experience” session on either Monday or Tuesday, April 6th or 7th. (These sessions will be offered so you can test a Zoom experience as this learning modality may not be for you and we thought it best if you could experience before deciding to register).
    • Classes begin the week of April 20th.
    • We are engaged in an Adventure…an adventure in online lifelong learning and connecting. As with any adventure, there are many unknowns and potential bumps and bruises along the way. That is simply the reality of an adventure.

    What can you do in the interim?

    You can check your internet speed. For an optimum Zoom experience, they recommend a minimum internet speed of at least 2.5mbps. A test site many of us have used to test our internet connections is: https://www.speedtest.net/

    You might choose to learn more about the platform we will be utilizing…Zoom. We will be using the University of Denver’s Zoom “Enterprise” platform which offers us a great deal of flexibility. Zoom also offers free individual plans. It is a great way to connect with family and friends. I did so last evening with my siblings!

    We have built an OLLI Online site for Spring term. You can access it at: https://portfolio.du.edu/ollionline. It is still a work in progress. We do not have the class offerings or syllabi loaded at this time. What is available is a ‘Zoom’ tab with a lot of resources for those of you interested in engaging in this adventure.

    I look forward to providing more information soon. Until then, please take good care of yourselves.

    Barbe Ratcliffe, OLLI at DU Executive Director



    OLLI at DU | 2211 South Josephine Street, Denver, CO 80208



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  • Interested in Facilitating?

    Click on the link below to access our quick guide to the basics. Access the Facilitator Info & Resources Tab across the top to submit Class/Presentation Proposal Form (aka Jot Form) to facilitate a course.

  • OLLI Boulder Facilitator Guide


    OLLI members may participate in as many classes as available at any of the six OLLI sites - East, Central, West, South, OLLI on Campus and Boulder (contingent upon space availability) for $130 per term.  OLLI has three terms per academic year: Fall, Winter, and Spring.

  • OLLI Boulder - Contact Information

  • Boulder OLLI Location
    Mountain View United Methodist Church    
    355 Ponca Place
    Boulder, CO 80303
    Barbara Darling
    OLLI Boulder Site Manager
    Barbe Ratcliffe
    Executive Director of OLLI at DU
    OLLI's Main Office
    University College at DU
    2211 South Josephine Street
    Denver, CO 80208
  • We Love Volunteers!

  • OLLI members and volunteer facilitators are the heartbeat of the institute and are the reason it will thrive while keeping the fees low.

    Volunteering is a direct way for members to have input into the decisions and direction of OLLI.

    Volunteering is a rewarding and stimulating experience, and another way to meet new people.

    If you are interested in helping out on a committee or just one time at an event, contact barbaraolliboulder@gmail.com for more information.  We need you!


    What Is a Class Assistant?

    This position is a volunteer support role to a class Facilitator. The Class Assistant first ensures that the Facilitator’s room arrangements are suitable to the Facilitator, which includes adjusting lights and blinds, for instance. Secondly, the Class Assistant takes attendance at each class and maintains the attendance sheets in the appropriate OLLI class folder kept in the file cabinet in OLLI’s storage closet. Thirdly, the Class Assistant delivers the OLLI Boulder information to the class members each week. This information is sent to the Class Assistant by the OLLI Boulder Manager (Barbara Darling) each Sunday prior to the upcoming week’s classes. Lastly, the Class Assistant acts as an ambassador for OLLI, ensuring the Facilitator and class members feel welcome and supported.

    So, give it a try! Check “yes” on the registration form for a class for which you’d like to volunteer to support the Facilitator and OLLI! There is a training available for new Class Assistants, too!

    Everyone Has Something Valuable to Add as a Volunteer!

    Would you consider volunteering for OLLI Boulder? We have a variety of opportunities available, including being a class assistant, joining our marketing committee and being a part of our curriculum committee.

    Members Charlie Erdrich and Susan Labovitz spent several hours handing out information sheets about OLLI at Senior Law Day, answering questions and promoting OLLI for us. The morning event was held at the Jewish Community Center in Boulder.

    Erdrich leads OLLI Boulder’s marketing committee and Susan is part of that group—and she also volunteers as a class assistant. Erdrich is also a co-facilitator for OLLI Boulder’s documentary film courses. They both represent the heart of the OLLI culture, which is built upon a spirit of volunteerism.

    Erdrich enjoys his volunteer experiences. “Volunteering in support of OLLI Boulder has been very rewarding over the past two years. In addition to being on the development committee, I have enjoyed being responsible for marketing. In that regard, we participated in Boulder County Senior Law Day in 2018, before our inaugural term started, and it proved to be beneficial in attracting new OLLI members. We are glad we did it again this year, as we were able to hand out literature and promote OLLI Boulder’s benefits and course offerings to Boulder County seniors.”

    “It is easy to be an OLLI Volunteer because I truly believe in this nonprofit organization,” said Labovitz. “I was wondering how I would occupy myself after I retired last year. OLLI has provided me with a great vehicle for learning, meeting interesting and involved learners, as well as other dedicated and talented volunteers, and becoming part of a community of dedicated educators. I help out as a Classroom Assistant, serve on the Health and Well-being Curriculum Committee, and am part of the Marketing Committee. The curriculum committee allows me to help select topics, find facilitators, and work with facilitators on their course design. The Marketing Committee is a natural fit because I love sharing my enthusiasm for OLLI with the public at festivals and at other events that target seniors.

    “Please volunteer if you can,” she said. “There are lots of ways to become more involved with OLLI. Everyone has something valuable to add. “

    If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form found on the OLLI Boulder website: http://portfolio.du.edu/olliboulder or go directly to our volunteer form at: https://form.jotform.com/83136223403143

  • About the Osher Foundation

  • The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at the University of Denver is a membership program designed for men and women age 50 and over, who wish to pursue lifelong learning in a relaxed non-competitive atmosphere.  There are no tests, no grades, no academic requirements - just a desire for learning and a penchant to be curious.

    Thanks to the generosity of the The Bernard Osher Foundation, OLLI at the University of Denver joins a network of 120 Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes across the United States that are meeting the needs of older learners who want to learn simply for the joy of learning and personal fulfillment.

    Read more: www.osherfoundation.org.

    OLLI needs believers like Bernard Osher. The development and delivery of quality educational programs for 50+ adults is important for sustaining quality of life and healthy minds. If you would like to help fund scholarships, programming or our research, please contact us at our office, 303-871-3090.

  • OLLI Boulder Weather Class Closure Policy

  • Classes at OLLI Boulder:  All OLLI Boulder classes will be cancelled if the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) schools are closed due to inclement weather. Other reasons for BVSD closings and their impact on OLLI classes will be determined individually and a notice will be posted on this OLLI Boulder website.

    Late Start: If the school district announces a late start, OLLI classes will be held as usual on their regular schedule.

    Click on link below to access the Boulder Valley School District

    Boulder Valley School District



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  • Link to OLLI West Portfolio Page


    Susan Schmetzer, susanolliwest@gmail.com

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    John Baumgartner, resourcesc@comcast.net

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    Connie Dawson, ollisouth@gmail.com,

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    Joanne Ihrig, joanne.ihrig@du.edu


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    Paul Simon,  ollidueast@gmail.com 303-300-9940 
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