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    Please use the link below for online registration
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    Links for syllabi (if available) follow the class title


    Americanization of Hawaii, David Lippman -


    Bring up the Bodies, Hilary Carlson & Kathy Stokes -

    Bring Up the Bodies Syllabus.pdf 

    Colorado’s Black History 101, Jacqui Shumway & Ronald Wooding 

    From Wampum to Wall Street – a Brief History of Finance, Steve Winber -


    FULL Leonardo da Vinci, Marjie Clark & Karen Chapman -

    Leonardo da Vinci syllabus.pdf 

    Life & Times of Margaret (Molly) Brown, Kimberly Popetz & Andrea Malcomb -

    Molly Brown.pdf 

    FULL The Many Faces of Eleanor Roosevelt, Rita Alexander -

    The Many Faces of Eleanor Roosevelt syllabus - 2020.pdf 

    The Moralist: The Life & Times of Woodrow Wilson, Tom Giordano -

    Woodrow Wilson Course Syllabus.pdf 

    The Romanovs: 1613-1918, Nan Morehead & Reva Greenburg -

    Romanovs syllabus(1).pdf 

    Woman Suffrage & Meaning of Citizenship, Myra Rich - 

    Woman Suffrage.pdf 

    Literature & Writing

    A Children’s Guide to Folklore & Wonder Tales, Christine Petty -

    Children's Guide . . . Wonder Tales-WORD.pdf 

    FULL A Faulkner Masterpiece, Bill West
    African-American Writers, Christine Bauer
    Become a Story Teller, Pam Giordano

    CANCELLED Edith Wharton and Henry James, Maryann O'Brien -

    Haruki Murakami’s Novels, Kelly Smith
    J. D. Salinger – Nine Stories, Kelly Smith
    Last Bus to Wisdom, Don & Gracie Batt

    Science Fiction Short Stories – Part 2 of 3, Larry Matten -

    Sci Fi from around the world Part 2.pdf 

    Shakespeare Society, Eileen Wigginton
    Short Stories by Franz Kafka, Ann Cohen
    Public Affairs
    Climate Science & Policy, Jacqui Shumway
    FULL Current Events #1, Dick Reinish & Sydney Myers
    FULL Current Events #2, Dick Reinish & Sydney Myers
    FULL Current Events #3, Gordon Appell & Barbara Holme
    FULL Great Decisions #1, Gene Cole
    FULL Great Decisions #2, Gordon Appell
    FULL Great Decisions #3, Marcia Helfant
    Great Truths & Great Blasphemies, Dick Lamm & Buie Seawell
    Politics for Progressives, Joseph Feldstein
    FULL Ted Talks, Bob Nixon - Ted Talks Winter 2020.pdf 
    FULL Turning Points in American History in Our Lifetime, Jim Grow
    FULL Unconstitutional, Brian Gibson
    U.S. Immigration Law and Policy, Christina Bauer
    Philosophy, Religion & Psychology
    Contemporary Political Philosophies - Do You Know Where You Stand, Tom Bieging & Reid Reynolds
    Contemporary Relevance of the Harvard Classics, Susan Ledges
    Crucial Conversations, Maria Valdes & Rich Passoth
    Crucible of Faith, Stewart Jones
    Encore Discussion Group, Rich Passoth & Anne Angermann
    Existentialism: a pesky, profound philosophy, Joe Woodson
    Issues Within the Islamic World, Mike Prevedel
    Judaism and Social Justice, Rabbi Sandra Cohen
    Necessary Losses, Ruth Neubauer
    Republicanism:  Political Philosophy & Theory, Mitch Stewart

    FULL The Enneagram of Mindful Aging, Karen Karvonen -

    Enneagram of Mindful Aging SYLLABUS.pdf 

    FULL The Gifts of Imperfection, Laurie Hawley
    The Way of Man, Michael Levin
    Science, Medicine & Technology
    Current Events: Science, Medicine & Tech in the News, Gerson Greenburg
    Current Health Care Issues & Controversies, Fred Kutner, Mark Lazaroff & Mark Levine
    CANCELLED Harari’s Sapiens, Terry Ortlieb
    FULL History of Life on Earth, Larry Meckel
    Modern Cosmology, Ed Friedman
    Oxford Study Lectures, Joe Brady
    FULL Physics in Your Life, Vern Schoep

    Science Potpourri, David Shander -


    The History of Today’s Technology, David Weisberg

    Weather for Everyone, Tom Corona -

    Weather for Everyone.pdf 

    Visual & Performing Arts

    Beyond Pillow Books – Japanese Wood Block Prints, Jerry Mercure -

    Beyond Pillow Books JapaneseWoodblockPrints.pdf 

    FULL Essential Cinema, John Test & Eva Spain -

    Essential Cinema.pdf 

    More ‘60s Music – The Songs and the Times, Paul Simon & Glenn Gravlee -

    More 60s Music - Syllabus.pdf 

    Music and Shakespeare, Barbara Thorngren

    Origami for the Mind: Foundation - AM class, Mark Burger -

    Origami for the Mind Winter 2020 Square Syllabus.pdf 

    Origami for the Mind: Foundation - PM class, Mark Burger -

    Origami for the Mind Winter 2020 Square Syllabus.pdf 

    Some of the Best Western Films, Larry Matten & Greg Petty -

    Some of the Best Western Films_.pdf 

    Sport Movies Third Period, Alan Folkestad

    The Art of Making Movies, Bob Magnani -

    ArtofMaking Movies Syllabus.pdf 

    The Play’s the Thing, Andrew Brier

    Vincent Van Gogh, Trish Leary -

    Van Gogh -Learyt-2020.pdf 

    Viva L’Opera, Bob Montgomery & Mo Mathews -

    Viva L Opera.pdf 

    Extracurricular classes
    FULL Pilates Fundamentals, Debby Levinson
    Tai Chi, Joe Brady
    Yoga from the Heart, Robin Secher
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