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  • OLLI at DU South- Noon Show

    Would you like more information on upcoming courses.  Watch the "noon show"  hear from the faciltiators all about their course.


  • Spring '23 Mini Catalog

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  • In-Person Class Requirements

    1. Vaccinations are recommended for OLLI at DU members attending in-person classes.
    2. At the current time, it is not required that OLLI at DU members wear a face covering at all times while indoors at OLLI at DU-sponsored classes and events. 
    3. It is recommended that all OLLI at DU members who are unvaccinated and not fully vaccinated should maintain social distancing (6-foot distancing from others not in their household) while attending in-person classes and when meeting in common areas wherever feasible.
    4. While in the classroom, there can be no food or open beverage containers.
    5. If you do not feel well, PLEASE stay home and get tested. If you test POSITIVE, please report this information to OLLIReportCovid@DU.EDU  for contact tracing purposes

    About Online Classes with Zoom

    We also offer Online classes using Zoom. These Online classes are not recorded due to copyright and privacy issues.

    Online (Zoom) Requirements

    In-Person classes are not available with Zoom and are not recorded due to copyright and privacy issues.  The catalog indicates whether a class will be offered In-Person or Online. Your membership covers both.

    1. You must have a Zoom account - they're free. 
    2. For the best performance, the Zoom client software needs to be loaded (and updated) on your device, unless your using a mobile device such as an iPad or cellphone. 
    3. You must complete a Zoom registration for each online class.

    You may take both In-Person & Online Classes



    (it does NOT appear in the catalog but will appear on our registration site)

    Course Title: ii3P18 - Exploring Being White: Supremacy, Privilege, and Fragility

    Facilitators:  Holly Fulton & William Peebles

    Meeting Dates:  Wednesday afternoons (1:00-3:00) from March 29 through May 17

    Location:  OLLI at DU Central -First Universalist Church

    Course Description:  Exploring Being White: Supremacy, Privilege & Fragility   

    What have you noticed that has gained the interest of many over the last few years? Interest and very strong reactions. This course will suggest, assign, and present various articles, interviews, and video presentations to initiate discussions that examine some challenging concepts, ideas, beliefs, and U.S. history. The course’s focus will cover the concepts of white supremacy, white privilege, and white fragility. Some of the writers whose work will be used are James Baldwin, Debby Irving, Joy DeGruy, Tim Wise, and Robin DiAngelo.

    Connected to these three topics and to be explored in the sessions are:

    1. Perspectives on the need for White people to be more aware of the role of the White race in history and today,

    2. How people have dealt with and can deal with racism and various levels of awareness, and

    3. What makes sense, works, or does not for different people. Self awareness work will be encouraged by the instructors as they continue their own, and their discussion facilitation process will promote safe dialoguing and effective communication skills when dealing with such challenging topics.

    Facilitator Bios:

    Holly Fulton MAT, MA Holly grew up in Rhode Island and has a bachelor’s degree in French and masters degrees in teaching and psychology.  She has been an actress, secretary, diversity trainer, interpersonal skills workshop facilitator, consultant, educator, and high school teacher in the U.S., Canada, and France.  Holly is one of the DeWolf family descendants who took the journey in the documentary film “Traces of the Trade” which looks at her ancestors’ business of slave trading, her family legacy, and Black/White relations today.  She has led workshops & classes on race awareness and facilitated post-viewing discussions after showing the film at national conferences and in a variety of venues.  Holly has served on the board of a national non-profit called “Coming to the Table” which holds actions and projects all over the U.S. that bring together descendants of slaves and slave owners for inter-racial healing processes.

    William (Bill) M. Peebles, M.Div, MA  Bill was born and raised in the Bay Area of California coming of age during the Civil Rights and Vietnam era of the 60’s.  He has had two careers, as a Presbyterian Pastor and a Psychotherapist.  Issues of Justice and Mercy have been a part of his life from early adulthood.  He works alongside Holly to bring awareness to whites of the need for white acknowledgement of the legacy of slavery and the ensuing aftermath’s effects on the current racial wound in our society and white responsibility to be a part in the healing of our society.


    There are still plenty of courses with availability - registration ends the Friday before a course begins.

    Questions? Contact our Support Specialist, Dave Johnson at 303-871-3181 for assistance.


    (and are closed to further registration; open to waitlist only)

    1. ii2P34 Tuesday: American Mahjongg Intermediate Level | Wayne Cassell & Marilyn Rifkin (20/20)-In Person South
    2. io3P21 Wednesday: The Revolutionary Samuel Adams | David Lippman.  (44/44)-Online
    3. io4P82 Thursday: Watercolor for Beginners, Series 3 — Explorations of Watercolor... | Mitra Verma (35/35)-Online
    4. io4A31 Thursday: Buffalo Girls by Larry McMurtry: A Novel of Calamity Ja... | Gracie Batt & Don Batt (20/20)- Online
    5.  ii3A12 Wednesday: Imperialism and War, 1890-1939 | Shellie Hochstadt (42/42)-In Person First Universalist
    6. ii2P12 Tuesday: TED Talks | Gordon Appell (31/31)-In Person First Universalist
    7. ii3A17 Wednesday: Liberalism and Its Discontent: Can Liberalism Withstand the Attacks | Tom Bieging (15/15)-In Person Park Hill
    8. io3P41 Wednesday: Bridge Basics II: Competitive Bidding | Michael Holmes (17/17)-Online
    9. io2A61 Tuesday: U.S. Immigration Issues | Christina Bauer (30/30)-Online
    10. 8. ii2A14 Tuesday: Austerlitz, a novel by Sebald | William West (20/20) -In Person Central - Park Hill
    11. io3P33 Wednesday: Writing a “Legacy Letter” | Jay Sherwin (20/20) - Online
    12. ii2A21 Tuesday: Gentle Yoga | Vicki Olson (12/12) - In Person West
    13. ii3A14 Wednesday:Current Events II | Dick Reinish & Sydney Myers (32/32) In Person Central -First Universalist
    14. ii2A12 Tuesday: The Colorado Criminal Justice System and Its Flaws | Rick Levinson & Gary Lozow (40/40) - In Person - Central  First Universalist
    15. io5A31 Friday: Beginning Birding and Beyond  | Cynthia Kristensen & Curt Franken (30/30) -Online/fieldTrips
    16. ii3A22 Wednesday: Mahjongg WOW | Colleen Hope (12/12)- In Person West
    17. ii4A21 Thursday: Poetry Unraveled | Kirsten Morgan & Linda Ropes (15/15) - In Person West
    18. io4A32 Thursday: Mysterious Places: Four Corners Region | Linda S. Lange & Tom Corona (50/50) - Online

    1. ii2A31 Tuesday: Red Dawn: The Russian Civil War | Wayne Cassell (22/25) - In Person South

    2. io1P51 Monday: Beyond Coping: Conversations on Navigating Life with Wisdom... | Paula Staffeldt (15/16) - Online

    3. io2P31 Tuesday: On Tour: Clint Smith Explores How Nine Historical Sites Reckon... | Patricia Paul (30/35) -Online

    4. ii2P21 Tuesday: Ancient Skywatchers | Erica Ellingson (27/30) - In Person West

    5. ii3A18 Wednesday: Challenging the Big Bang: New Telescopes Test Our Theories | Wilson Wiedenheft (23/25) In Person Central Park Hill

    6, ii2P32 Tuesday: Year Zero: A History of 1945 | Charles Holt (40/45) - In Person South

    7. ii3A51 Wednesday: Birding in Arapahoe County | Kate Hogan & Audubon Master Birders -(14/18)  In Person 

    8. ii3P13 Wednesday: Documentary Films | Richard Reinish (83/100) - In Person First Universalist

    9. ii3A32 Wednesday: Color Your World—With Alcohol Ink | Peggy Winn (11/12)- In Person South

    10. io4A61 Thursday: The American South: Understanding the Soul of a Nation | Carol Steele & Bob Steele (29/30)- Online

    11. io3A31 Wednesday: The Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway | David Williams (30/35)- Online

    12. ii3A13 Wednesday: Writing from the Hidden Brain | Martha Lederer (11/15)- In Person First Universalist



    COURSES WHICH ARE CANCELLED- due to low enrollment or facilitator request

    ii2A33 Tuesday-CANCELED- The Transformation of Colorado's Health Care Industry | Richard Passoth - In Person South

    ii2P33 Tuesday- CANCELED -American Bestsellers: What Do Bestselling Books Tell Us About... | Anne Christner- In Person South

    ii3A33 Wednesday: -CANCELED- Rainbows, Halos, and Fata Morganas | Tom Corona- In Person South

    ii4p61 Thursday: Case Study: What the Hunt for Planet Vulcan Tells Us about... CANCELED | Allan Franklin - In Person Boulder/CU

    ii3P21 Wednesday: CANCELED -Journeys: Learning Through Travel | Barbara Werren - In Person West

    ii2A23 Tuesday: Major Groundwater Aquifers of the World -CANCELED| Timothy Steele & James Kunkel - In Person West

    ii1P22 Monday: The Ground Breaking Film “Battleship Potemkin” CANCELED| Arlene Pickett- In Person West

    ii2P22 Tuesday: Great Silent Film Comedians-CANCELED | Jim Sieke - In Person West

    ii2A22 Tuesday: -CANCELED- China's Strengths and Weaknesses | Dan Strammiello- In Person West

    ii4A22 Thursday: -CANCELED- Create Magic Tricks With and For your Grandchildren | Don Krill - In Person West

    ii3A11 Wednesday: -CANCELED- Mind-Body Yoga | Jo Roth - In Person First Universalist

    ii3P11 Wednesday: -CANCELED- Environmental Hazards of Colorado's Front Range | John Lanning - In Person First Universalist

    ii2A13 Tuesday: -CANCELED-Working with Enneagram: Making Rela | Karen Karvonen -In Person First Universalist

    ii3P18 Wednesday: -CANCELED- Exploring Being White: Supremacy, Privilege, and | Holly Fulton - In Person First Universalist

    ii3P12 Wednesday: -CANCELED- Healthcare in the 21st Century — How in the World| Bill Shaw In Person First Universalist

    ii2A15 Tuesday: -CANCELED- Stories of Turning Points | Heidi Boerstler- In Person Park Hill

    ii3A16 Wednesday: -CANCELED- World War I — Mideast Theatre | Bix Bicknel - In Person Park Hill

    ii3P15 Wednesday: -CANCELED- Asian Philosophy & Martial Arts: | Dr. Joseph Brady & Jacqui Shumway - In Person Park Hill

    ii2P14 Tuesday: A Dream of Justice: The Story of Keyes vs. Denver Public Schools -CANCELED| Pat Pascoe- In Person Park Hill

    io3P31 Wednesday: Dubliners by James Joyce- CANCELED| | Ann Cohen - Online

    io2A23 Tuesday: -CANCELED- History of the Orchestra | Katie Knight - Online

    io2P82 Tuesday: Sport Movies and Their Cultural Impact: First Inning-CANCELED | Alan Folkestad- Online

    io2P11 Tuesday: Physical Activity for Active Adults- CANCELED  | Colleen Puceta

    io3A61 Wednesday:  Great Decisions -CANCELED | Steve Winber- Online

    io3A41 Wednesday: Beginning Bridge I: An Introduction -CANCELED | Michael Holmes - Online

    io2P53 Tuesday: -CANCELED- Aging and Spirituality | Eileen O'Brien- Online


  • Spring '23 REGISTRATION

    OPENED at

    10:00 am on MONDAY, February 20

    REMEMBER: Registration is on a 'first come, first serve' basis and courses will close after they reach their maximum. 

    For courses with occupancy, registration remains open until midnight on the Thursday before a course begins or webinar occurs.

    We will be using the waitlist option for those members who would like to be put on a waitlist for a class opening- be sure to check this if you want to be put on the list.


  • Registration Information 

    In Person Courses, Online Courses and Webinars

    How much does it cost?  

    OLLI at DU offers four types of membership: You Can Purchase a Membership at Anytime - so get yours before registration opens.

    1. ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP (only available in the fall):  The fee is $400 per year for unlimited in-person and online courses during the fall, winter and spring terms so long as space is available. The annual membership also includes registration for the four Fall Recess webinars and ten Summer Shorts webinars (currently $10/webinar) and discounts to local area restaurants, museums, and events. 
    2. TERM MEMBERSHIP:  The fee is $140 per term for unlimited courses and webinars (in-person and online) during one term as long as space is available. Membership also includes discounts to local area restaurants, museums, and events.
    3. INTRODUCTORY MEMBERSHIP (for first time OLLI at DU members only):  The $50 fee allows you to register for one 8-week or less course. 
    4. FACILITATOR MEMBERSHIP: OLLI at DU offers free membership to those members who are facilitating a course during that term.  

    Are there additional costs? Some courses may have an extra fee for required materials. Some courses recommend books to be used with the class.

    What about homework?  The beautiful part about lifeong learning is you can do as much or as little in each course. There are no grades. Many facilitators will send out readings or recommend a book to accompany their course.  Some many even have you watch a video on your own.

  • How does OLLI at DU fill courses?


    OLLI at DU registration will begin at 10:00 am on Monday, February 20.  We no longer have an "open request” registration period.  This means that courses are filled on a first come, first serve basis.  Courses which have met their maximum enrollment will not allow further registrations.  You will receive immediate confirmation of enrollment upon registration. Registration remains open until the course meets its maximum or until 11:59 pm on the Thursday before the course begins or the webinar occurs.

    The Spring Term will run from Monday, March 27 through Thursday, May 19.  

    Historically, 80% of registrations come in during the first week of “open registration!”  So, register early in order to avoid disappointment!

    Still need assistance on the registration process?  Contact and leave a message as to the best way to contact you. 

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