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    * CHANGE OF STARTING DATE: Rabbi Sandra Cohen - "More Than Baby Moses: Ongoing learning of the Book of Shemot/Exodus" - NOW BEGINNING 1/17/23 and ending 3/7/23

    * ADDITIONAL STEM WEBINAR ADDED:  Cynthia Perry - "Cochlear Implants: Restoring Hearing to the Deaf" - Friday, 2/24/23 AM


  • Winter Term '23 OLLI at DU Course Catalog

    PDF of Catalog

    Winter Final v_4.pdf

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    Winter Final v_4.pdf


    Winter '23 Course Index 

    Course Index: FINAL Index v_9 11_5docx.pdf  

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    Seventh webinar added to STEM Webinars on Friday Mornings:

    • Cochlear Implants: Restoring Hearing to the Deaf with Cynthia Perry - Friday 2/24/22

    CLOSED COURSES (courses which have met maximum enrollment)- as of 3 pm 12/18/22)

    • Judith Vlasin - Short Stories from Home: Storytelling in the U.S. - MON PM online
    • Mitra Verma - Watercolor for Beginners, Series 2 - TH PM online
    • Anne Christner - Archaeology of Ancient Cities: Why, When, and How Urbanization Began - WED PM online
    • Bob Steele/ Dennis Ryerson -The 1960s: New Yorker Essays from a Chaotic Decade -TU AM online
    • David Lippmann - The Story of Russia - WED PM online
    • Gracie and Don Batt - The Fall of Light: An Irish Novel by Niall Williams - TH AM online
    • Gil Kelly (online) - Move with Ease: Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method - TH PM online
    • Larry Meckel- Major Milestones of Life on Earth - TU AM online
    • Sally Walling - Come Read with Me: Banned Books -TU PM online
    • Marcus Pohlmann - Freedom of Speech and Association: Cases and Controversies - TH AM online
    • Michael Holmes - Bridge Basics -WED AM online
    • Michael Holmes - Bridge in 21st Century  -WED PM online
    • Wayne Cassell - American Mahjong for Beginners- TU PM in person SOUTH
    • Dennis Wanebo - Anatomy of a Murder Trial -WED AM online
    • Anne Bennett - Medicine in the Wild West: Hucksters, Healers, Potions, Elixirs, and Snake Oil - TU PM in-person SOUTH
    • Paula Staffeldt- Beyond Coping; Conversations on Navigating Life with Wisdom- WED PM online
    • Bob Steele/ Carol Steele - In Kiltumper: A Year in an Irish Garden -TH PM online
    • Gordon Appell & David Lippman -Discussing Solutions to Major Problems - WED AM In person CENTRAL
    • Terre Rushton - What Does our Constitution Really Say? - MON PM online
    • Charlie Holt - Trusting Science: What We Know and Why We Know It - in person SOUTH
    • Len Sahling: Current Economic Issues: Facts and Fallacies (3 seats left) - WED PM online 

    CLOSE TO CAPACITY (as of 3 pm 12/18/22)

    • Vince Matthews - The Wonders of Colorado’s Glacial Landscape (5 seats left) - TH AM online
    • Joe Feldstein - Great Decisions 2023 (2 seats left) - WED PM in person CENTRAL
    • Hillie Dais - Music, Musicians and More (3 seats left) - TU AM in person WEST
    • Steve Winber -Great Decisions 2023 (3 seats left) - TH AM online
    • James Kunkel & Tim Steele -Large Lakes of the World (2 seats left) -TU AM in person CENTRAL
    • Alec Tsoucatos & Greg Adams - Evolutionary Democracy: Potential Next Major Steps (5 seats left) -TU AM in person CENTRAL
    • Gil Kelly - The Feldenkrais Method® and the Joy of Walking (5 seats left) - in person BOULDER
    • Bill Vigor (4 seats left) - Serious Evolution, from Beginning to Genome Editing - WED AM in person SOUTH
    • Ira Rifkin & Stan Folker - Economic Crashes and Crises - (1 seat left) TU AM in-person SOUTH
    • Michael Prevedel/ Alec Tsoucatos - Jesus and Buddha: Their Lives and their Wisdom (3 seats left) - in person CENTRAL
    • Tom Hughes/ Nancy Murray - Current Events IV (5 seats left) TH AM in person WEST
    • Carol Darrow - Tracing Ancestors from the U.S. Back to Europe (4 seats left) TH PM online
    • Dick Reinish & Sydney Myers - Current Events I (5 seats left) -TU AM in person CENTRAL 
    • Dick Reinish & Sydney Myers - Current Events III  (1 seat left) -WED AM in person CENTRAL
    • Sue Bramley/Wayne Gardner -Roots Music Potpourri: From Blues to Rock (1 seat left) -WED AM in person SOUTH
    • Linda Lange - Mysterious Places: Women & War - (2 seats left) -TH AM online


    • Cynthia Perry -Bionics: Science Fiction to Science Fact- WED AM online
    • Curt Eshelman - COVID-19: Retrospective of a Serial Killer - TU AM online
    • Diana Williams - City of Dreams: The History and Art of Venice - WED PM online (by instructor)
    • Susan Polycarpou/Renee Romanowski - English in America -WED AM in person SOUTH
    • Tracy Ehlers - What to Do after Roe? A Women’s Empowerment Workshop -WED PM in person BOULDER
    • Barbara Holme - Better Ways to Do Good or How to Decide Which Nonprofits - TU AM online (by instructor)
    • Nan Phifer -Let’s Write Radio Dramas! -TU AM  in person BOULDER
    • Pat Walters/ Kathi Grider - Your Life – Your Story: Write It!- WED AM in person BOULDER
    • Carolyn Varvel - Chaos Journaling: Stabilizing while navigating and thriving the chaotic bumps, twists and turns of life - TH AM online
    • Gordon Williams - American Opera - TU PM online 
    • Alan Fine - Revisiting Hysteria – A Medical Adventure -TU AM online
    • Phil Nelson - Living in the Energy Transition -TU AM in person WEST
    • Wayne Seltzer - An Easy Introduction to Computer Programming: Making Computers See, Hear, Feel, and Move -TU PM online
    • Richard Selinger - Ethical Wills - TU AM in person BOULDER
    • Marcy Stoddard - History Stories You Can Tell Your Grandkids -TU AM online
    • Robert Joyce - Pioneers of Rock and Roll - WED PM online
    • Larry Canepa - Oodles of Noodles - MON PM online (by instructor)


    7:00 am on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14- there are still many courses starting the week of 2/7

    NEW THIS TERM: Registration is on a 'first come, first serve' basis and courses will close after they reach their maximum. 

    For courses with occupancy, registration remains open until midnight on the Thursday before a course begins or webinar occurs.

    NEW THIS TERM: We will be using the waitlist option for those members who would like to be put on a waitlist for a class opening- be sure to check this if you want to be put on the list.


  • Registration Information 

    In Person Courses, Online Courses and Webinars

    How much does it cost?  

    OLLI at DU offers four types of membership:

    1. ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP (only available in the fall):  The fee is $400 per year for unlimited in-person and online courses during the fall, winter and spring terms so long as space is available. The annual membership also includes registration for the four Fall Recess webinars and ten Summer Shorts webinars (currently $10/webinar) and discounts to local area restaurants, museums, and events. 
    2. TERM MEMBERSHIP:  The fee is $140 per term for unlimited courses and webinars (in-person and online) during one term as long as space is available. Membership also includes discounts to local area restaurants, museums, and events.
    3. INTRODUCTORY MEMBERSHIP (for first time OLLI at DU members only):  The $50 fee allows you to register for one 8-week or less course. 
    4. FACILITATOR MEMBERSHIP: OLLI at DU offers free membership to those members who are facilitating a course during that term.  

    Are there additional costs? Some courses may have an extra fee for required materials. Some courses recommend books to be used with the class.

    What about homework?  The beautiful part about lifeong learning is you can do as much or as little in each course. There are no grades. Many facilitators will send out readings or recommend a book to accompany their course.  Some many even have you watch a video on your own.

  • How does OLLI at DU fill courses?


    OLLI at DU registration will begin at 7:00 am on Monday, November 14.  OLLI at DU has does not have an "open request” registration period beginning with Winter Term 2023.  This means that courses are filled on a first come, first serve basis.  Courses which have met their maximum enrollment will not allow further registrations.  You will receive immediate confirmation of enrollment upon registration. Registration remains open until the course meets its maximum or until 11:59 pm on the Thursday before the course begins or the webinar occurs.

    The Winter Term will run from Monday, January 9 through Monday, March 6 (no class on MLK Day on 1/16/23).  

    Historically, 80% of registrations come in during the first week of “open registration!”  So, register early in order to avoid disappointment!

    Still need assistance on the registration process?  Contact and leave a message as to the best way to contact you. 

  • How to Video and Step by Step Directions

  • How to Pay your Registration Balance

    Click to download:  Pay Registration Balance.pdf


  • In-Person Class Requirements

    1. Vaccinations are recommended for OLLI at DU members attending in-person classes.
    2. At the current time, it is not required that OLLI at DU members wear a face covering at all times while indoors at OLLI at DU-sponsored classes and events. 
    3. It is recommended that all OLLI at DU members who are unvaccinated and not fully vaccinated should maintain social distancing (6-foot distancing from others not in their household) while attending in-person classes and when meeting in common areas wherever feasible.
    4. While in the classroom, there can be no food or open beverage containers.
    5. If you do not feel well, PLEASE stay home and get tested. If you test POSITIVE, please report this information to OLLIReportCovid@DU.EDU  for contact tracing purposes

    About Online Classes with Zoom

    We also offer Online classes using Zoom. These Online classes are not recorded due to copyright and privacy issues.

    Online (Zoom) Requirements

    In-Person classes are not available with Zoom and are not recorded due to copyright and privacy issues.  The catalog indicates whether a class will be offered In-Person or Online. Your membership covers both.

    1. You must have a Zoom account - they're free. 
    2. For the best performance, the Zoom client software needs to be loaded (and updated) on your device, unless your using a mobile device such as an iPad or cellphone. 
    3. You must complete a Zoom registration for each online class.

    You may take both In-Person & Online Classes

  • Current OLLI at DU CoVid Protocol

    OLLI at DU COVID Protocol JUL 2022.pdf

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