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  • Biographical Description

  • Associate Professor Nancy Wadsworth (Ph.D. New School for Social Research 2001, Post-Doc Cornell Unversity 2001-2003), has been teaching American politics, political theory, and comparative politics in DU’s undergraduate Political Science department since 2004. Her primary areas of concentration are race, religion, political thought, American political culture, and the politics of apology and forgiveness. She is the author of Ambivalent Miracles: Evangelicals and the Politics of Racial Healing (University of Virginia Press, 2014). With Robin Jacobson (University of Puget Sound) she is co-editor of the volume, Faith and Race in American Political Life (University of Virginia Press, 2012) . She has authored original research in a variety of venues, and writes analyses in public forums like The Washington Post. She is also a frequent contributor to the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art's "Mixed Taste: Lectures in Unrelated Topics" series.

  • University Service/Reports

  • DUJEC Report Nov1-2014.pdf

    I served as Chair of the John Evans Study Committee, which in November, 2014, released its report on the role of John Evans in the Sand Creek Massacre.

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  • Refereed Articles

  • "Awakening the Civic Dead: Political Mobilization of the Zombie in Real Time," The Popular Culture Studies Journal, Special Issue on Monsters and Monstrosity, Ed. Bernadette Calafell, Vol 6 (2-3), 2018. 

    “Awakening the 'Walking Dead': Zombie Pedagogy for Millennials.”Radical Teacher 107 (Winter), pp. 4-13.

    “Are We The Walking Dead? Zombie Apocalypse as Liberatory Art.” New Political Science 38 (4), pp. 561-581. Special Issue on Herbert Marcuse.

    “Unsettling Lessons: Teaching Indigenous Politics and Settler Colonialism in Political Science,”PS: Political Science & Politics, July, pp. 692-7.

    Intersectionality in California’s Same-Sex Marriage Battles: A Complex Proposition,Political Research Quarterly 64 (1), pp. 200-216. Mini-Symposium on Intersectionality.

    Bridging Racial Change: Political Orientations in the Multiracial Church Building Movement,” Politics & Religion 3 (3), pp. 439-468.

    “Race-ing Faith and Fate: The Jeremiad in Multiracial ‘Moral Values’ Alliances,” Race/Ethnicity: Multidisciplinary Global Perspectives, Volume 1, Issue 2, Kirwan Institute, Ohio State University, pp. 313-341.

    Reconciliation Politics: Conservative Evangelicals and the New Race Discourse,” Politics & Society, Volume 25, Number 3, pp 341-376.

  • Book Chapters & Invited Essays

  • "Trans-Universal Zombie Church of the Blissful Ringing," with Aleš Črnič, in World Religions and Spirituality Project, June 2020. 

    When the Religious Other Seems Abhorrent: Thoughts on the Power of Scholars to Represent the ‘Repugnant Cultural Other’” (Review of Alan Rodgers The Child Cases: How America’s Religious Exemption Laws Harm Children.) Tulsa Law Review, 52 (3), Spring 2017, pp. 633-41.

    Featured review: “On Robert P. Jones’s The End of White Christian America,” Politics & Religion, 10 (2017), pp. 461-65.

    “Of Milestones and Millstones: Intersections of Race and Religion in the 2012 Election,” in Luis Leon and Gary Laderman, Eds., Religion and American Cultures Encyclopedia, ABC-CIO Press, 2014.

    “Religious Race-Bridging: Racial Change Efforts Among Conservative Evangelicals,” in Robin Jacobson and Nancy Wadsworth, Eds., Faith and Race in American Political Life, University of Virginia Press, 2012.

    “Fractured Believers: Race and Religion as Intersectional Aspects of United States Political Development” in Race and U.S. Political Development, Joseph Lowndes (University of Oregon), Julie Novkov (SUNY Albany), and Dorian Warren (Columbia University), Editors. Routledge Press, 2008.


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