• Biographical Description

  • I am Professor and Chair of the Sociology and Criminology Department at the University of Denver. My research and writing explores the consequences of social networks in a number of different settings -- as a form of global governance, as creating gender disparities in the practice of law, and as a locus of competition among expertise in emergent multi-disciplinary professional practices. I am thee co-author of Ozone Connections: Expert Networks in Global Environmental Governance. I have published scholarly articles on white collar crime, regulatory justice, and gender disparity in the careers and compensation of lawyers. I received my BA from New College in Sarasota Florida, MPA from New York University, and PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Please request directly from nreichma@du.edu
  • Research

  • 1. I am involved in a number of studies that seek to make sense of observed gender differences in the compensation and career trajectories of lawyers. Most recently, I have begun a study to examine the career trajectories of lawyers now thirty years after law school. Although much has now been written about the "path to partnership and the "flight from law" of newly minted lawyers, there have been few studies that consider what happens to careers as lawyers mature over the life course. Few studies have linked law school aspirations to career trajectories past the early career years. Most significantly, we do not know if some of the gender differences we observed in the career choices and constraints of younger attorneys disappear or persist in later career stages, including any differences in if and how they are planning for their retirement from law.
  • 2. In the wake of recent corporate scandals, a new research project investigates the professional competition over business advice, who plays, what's at stake and how each institution (law, accounting, organizational consulting) becomes transformed through its engagement in the competition. I examine ways the networking of professional expertise (lawyers and accountants) may facilitate opportunities for corporate misconduct.

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