Nicole Nicotera

  • Biographical Description

    • Nicole Nicotera earned her Ph.D. in Social Welfare Research at the University of Washington, Seattle. 

      Areas of interest:

      • positive youth development
      • civic engagement and well-being
      • children and families
      • school social work
      • privilege, oppression and social justice

      Prof. Nicole Nicotera's research and scholarship focus on: measuring civic development in children, interventions to enhance civic leadership and positive youth development, and issues of unearned privilege and oppression in social work practice, education and research.

      As the mixed methodologist, Dr. Nicotera has developed expertise and experience in conducting and publishing mixed methods research over the past 14 years. Her foray into mixed methods research began with a mixed methods dissertation at the University of Washington where she completed her Ph.D. in Social Welfare Research. During the past 8 years she has been awarded and carried out 6 funded research proposals, 4 of which used mixed methods.

      In the past 9 years Dr. Nicotera has collaborated on 4 community engaged projects to assist local community partners with 1) implementing and evaluating 2 youth community organizing programs, 2) implementing and evaluating a slam poetry program to empower youth voices and well-being, and 3) implementing and evaluating a school-wide student guidance program to reduce student referrals to the principal’s office (responsive classroom).

      Prof. Nicotera's clinical practice experience included work with children and families in a community mental health center, where she used art, play and sand tray therapies. She also has extensive school social work experience with seriously emotionally and behaviorally challenged children and their families.

      At GSSW, she teaches mixed methods in the Ph.D. program and in the MSW program she teaches clinical intervewing skills and evidence-based practices for mind-body connections.

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