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  • Nadia Kaneva is an Associate Professor in the Department of Media, Film, and Journalism Studies at the University of Denver.  She holds a PhD in Media Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder, an MA in Advertising from Syracuse University, and a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from the American University in Bulgaria.

    Nadia's research draws on critical theories of communication and culture and explores the construction of national and gendered identities in various contexts. She is particularly interested in critical perspectives on promotional culture, nation branding, and public diplomacy. Much of her research focuses on the cultural transformations of post-communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

    At DU, Nadia teaches graduate and undergraduate classes in media theory and history, strategic communication, and branding.

    Before becoming a college professor, Nadia has worked in advertising and public relations in the United States and in her native country, Bulgaria.

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  • Research In Progress

  • Book: Media and the Making of Post-Communist Consumers

    This book will offer a cultural history of the emergence of consumer culture in post-socialist Europe.  The study places a special focus on the role of the media in introducing and legitimizing consumerist values and cultivating consumerist identities after the demise of communism. Different chapters will focus on the re-invention of national, political and gendered identities through a consumerist ideological lens.

  • Books

  • Mediating Post-Socialist Femininities (Routledge 2015)

    This edited collection explores the role of popular media in transforming feminine and feminist identities and ideals in the post-socailist context. It was originially published as a special issue of the international journal Feminist Media Studies (vol. 15, issue 1).



  • Branding Post-Communist Nations: Marketizing National Identities in the "New" Europe (Routledge 2011/2014)

    This edited volume collects studies that examine the practices and discourses of nation branding in former communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to documenting various rebranding initiatives, these studies raise important questions about the political and cultural implications or such programs.

  • Fundamentalisms and the Media (Bloomsbury 2009)
    The contributions to this volume represent the first effort to look at 'fundamentalisms' and 'the media' together and address the resulting relations and interactions from critical perspectives of history, technology, geography, and practice. - See more at: http://www.bloomsbury.com/us/fundamentalisms-and-the-media-9781847061348/#sthash.C1LddGvq.dpuf

    This volume, co-edited with Stewart M. Hoover, examines various forms of fundamentalism and the media together. The contributions in this collection address the resulting relations and interactions from critical perspectives of history, technology, geography, and practice.

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