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  • Monograph Series

  • Overview

    Perspectives in Gifted Education is a monograph series published through the University of Denver, first by the Institute for the Development of Gifted Education and now, through the Office of the Daniel L. Ritchie Endowed Chair in Gifted Education.  The Monograph series is supported through the generosity of the Harry and Lynde Bradley Foundation and the Considine Family Foundation.

  • Perspectives in Gifted Education: Young Gifted Children includes different perspectives on identification, characteristics, and needs of young gifted children. Too little information has been available about this special group of learners. At a time when development is occurring more rapidly than any other time of life, these young children must be more understood in order to provide services directly related to their needs. Young gifted children bring unique joys and challenges to those around them. It is our hope that the articles in this volume will provide insight into this unique population. 

  • Perspectives in Gifted Education: Twice-Exceptional Children addresses the characteristics and needs of twice-exceptional students. These are students who are both gifted and have some type of disabling condition. These students constitute a major group of underserved gifted children as their gifts often mask their disabilities, or their disabilities mask their gifts. 

  • Perspectives in Gifted Education: Complexities of Emotional Development, Spirituality and Hope is focused on the personal, spiritual and character development of gifted children, including the process of instilling hope and resilience in this special population. The authors explore the development of personality, spirituality and character of gifted children that advances our current understanding of this population. Strategies are presented to support and nurture the needs of this unique group of children. 

  • Perspectives in Gifted Education: Diverse Gifted Learners explores giftedness in specific underrepresented populations - American Indians, English language learners, Hispanic/Latino students, those that are culturally different, the twice-exceptional, and those students that are gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered. One additional manuscript focuses on teacher preparation. All of the submissions offer perspective of advocacy and promise, promoting the idea that diversity in gifted education should be viewed as an asset to the field.  

  • Perspectives in Gifted Education:  Creativity is fifth in a series of monographs dedicated to Gifted Education.  Multiple experts speak to issues of creativity including the presentation of new models.  Classroom strategies are offered in both process and content, tied to the arts, writing, thinking skills and in areas of talent development.  Authors discuss application of concepts from both theoretical and practical approaches.

  • Perspectives in Gifted Education: Influences and Impacts of the Education Doctorate on Gifted Education is a collection of current research and writing related to impacting the practice of gifted education as a field.  Both faculty and graduating students share their passion and influence in ultimately serving gifted children from all backgrounds.  The importance of training educators working in the field, including teachers and principals as well as parents and caregivers, is clearly articulated.  Voices of individuals, across the age span, are heard and recognized as the need for additional support and development is detailed.  Implications for both policy and practice are presented in hopes of advancing knowledge in and around the field, in addition to enhancing the perspective of what giftedness is and can be.  This work is offered to support and prompt further action in recognizing and serving gifted children, their communities, and those who work with them. The goal is to advance thinking, enact positive change, and to reach the future.

  • Greatest Potential, Greatest Need: Soaring Beyond Expectations

    Conference Proceedings and Selected Articles focusing on the Highly Gifted

    This monograph comes out of select presentations from “Greatest Potential, Greatest Need: Soaring Beyond Expectations –a conference on Highly Gifted Children” hosted by the Institute for the Development of Gifted Children, Morgridge College of education, University of Denver in October of 2009. Justification for specialized service for the gifted population, recommendations regarding various content area applications, and rationales for these students’ need to find a place of belonging are examined and discussed. Special considerations are given to the interactions between cognitive levels and affective intensities. It is the hope that, through this monograph, information and resources have been provided to better serve those with the greatest potential and greatest need. It is an opportunity to heal the pain, to change lives and to impact the future.  

  • If you are interested in any of the above publications please contact the Office of the Daniel L. Ritchie Endowed Chair in Gifted Education at (303)871-2532.

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