Matthew Watwood

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    • My name is Matt Watwood and I am finishing my second year at the University of Denver. I am a Physics and Math major with minors in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and planning to pursue a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering as a 4-1 program. My other interests are in Music, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, and Chemistry. I am a member of the DU Club Baseball team, the University Honors Program, the Parkour and Freerunning Club, the Physics and Astronomy Club, and the DU Pep Band. My interests outside of the University consist of playing music, performing magic, hiking and backpacking, snowboarding, and reading. I enjoy stopping to think about the world and taking a step back from all the stresses that exist in the monotony of a daily routine. I have been called a modern day renaissance man and I feel that is an appropriate title to what I want to be. I belive fiercely in the power of the individual and I am out to make a difference in the world.

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