• Lessons Learned/ Reflection

    Lessons Learned:

                Through this project we have learned a lot about ourselves as a group and as individuals. We discussed how we all felt that working on a team of three for this project allowed us all to use our abilities to their fullest extent. It also allowed us to learn about what it means to rely on and trust others. We all agreed that this team was one of the best teams we have worked with in a long time and it was not only thanks to how we all worked together but thanks to the work we did with each other. One of the key points we came up with on why we were able to have success in this group was the resources we were available to throughout the quarter. This includes the long list of amazing TED talks we were shown in class and the successful business men and women we got to listen to on Friday mornings.

                Throughout this project we have learned what a business is meant to be and how it can contribute towards the community and the betterment of our world. There was never a doubt in our minds that our project would not be helpful to others but we were surprised how helpful it actually was to us three as well. We learned about what it meant for us to grow our business with a customer in mind and center the needs of others before our own. We quickly discovered that all three of us had some sort of connection to mental health, which made us all much more passionate towards a solution to help college students like ourselves. We discovered and researched a project that in the end, even if we did not win, we could be proud of our work and our steps towards improving mental health on college campuses. It was within this class that we learned about the various tools for developing the true methods necessary for us to succeed.

                Using the materials provided by Professor Novak in the Pioneering Business for the Public Good class we were able to illustrate a well put together project towards a true problem in our country. We used the information provided by the various speakers that came in to help us with our overall project. It was their input and the various materials provided that gave us the tools needed to complete the project. We discussed as group that in previous classes we have learned a lot about what a proper business owner is meant to do, but never like this. Within several courses at the Daniels College of Business we are exposed to the ins and outs of the business industry and the different operations necessary to succeed. However, we truly felt like this is the first class that goes deeper than just success.


                Looking back on the project there were some rough times and struggles that we went through as a group and as individuals, but nothing that we could not handle together. Our team worked very hard and diligently on each step of the project in order to stay on track with our goals. We worked in depth to find the information we needed and focused in on some key points of mental health issues for college student for the solution to be diverse for as many suffering students as possible. One of the hardest parts for us was the financial section of the project.

                The financials we needed were originally one of our hardest sets of information to gather. We were a little worried about this part all along because we only had three members in our group, compared to other teams with four or five. Also, none of us had a lot of experience with finance, as our group consist of a marketing major, a psychology major and a hospitality major. Yet we were still not fazed by the task. We went to different websites and resources to find the information we needed. As well the information we needed for the baseline scores and overall testing scores were another piece of information that we had to jump through several hoops for. Yet we were still not fazed by this task and continued to work diligently to complete the project. Overall, we completed a daunting task and have come out the other side better for it. Because even if we should not be able to bring this task to fruition, we have put in the work to bring it known and have set up the Health and Counseling Center with the tools needed to make this project happen in the future.

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