• Mental Health Issue

    As students looking to work in the business world, we have noticed an increase in mental illness across much of the U.S. specifically in students attending both highschool and college. We believe that due to an increase in the importance of grades, transitioning from highschool to college, and beginning to venture out into the world has started a trend where students in college are feeling more stress. The relation to school stress on the brains of college students is vastly different from the stress of school highschool students face. However the effects are still similar. As stress levels rise, there is an increase in depression with in young adults. Depression is a mental health issue we desire to tackle as it can lead to higher suicide rates. As a team, our goal will be to find ways to combat this issue as needed so other students across the U.S. do not have to face this issue alone. 

    The importance of mental health in students is a growing topic that has gotten mass coverage over the pass decade. Some states are starting to impliment school days where a student can take some days off of school for the betterment of their mental well being. Derrick Bryson Taylor notes "On July 1, a law in Oregon went into effect giving students five mental health days in a three-month period. In 2018, Utah changed the definition of a student’s “valid excuse” to miss a day to include an illness “which may be mental or physical.” " (Taylor, 2019). This new law that was introduced notes that due to the recent cultural climate change that students are now living in, they are being exposed to more violent crimes such as school shootings, and a higher rate of depression in students. It is believed that by offering days off students will be able to lower their anxiety levels, focus more on their studies at home, while being able to attend school with a more positive outlook on their school work. Although this is something small it is a step in the right direction. 

    Teens also face problems outside of the classroom that lies within their phones. Social media has been proven to give teens heightened depression and anxiety. Apps such as instagram give people an outlet to portray their lives but majority of the time it is just faked. Teens see all the good things people post and get the feeling like they don't do enough "cool things" or travel to new places. This is an easy example of why teens are depressed, they feel like everyones lives are better than theirs because of what they are seeing online. Another problem with social media is the constant need for likes or to be liked. People are so worried about how many likes they get on posts to get validation and it becomes like a drug. A drug that needs to constantly be better which creates more anxiety. Instagram had a recent update that eliminated the option to see how many likes a post would get, trying to get people to focus on this less. Although this may not do much it is another small awareness step that our society is taking in the right direction. 

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