• Team Motivation

    All team members have had and know people in their lives who have been affected by mental health in one way or another. As people continue to go through life they face many hardships. Our focus will be on students both in highschool and college who are dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues. We believe that with proper managment, not only through medication, but through other forms, we can begin to make a change in the way students are able to combat mental health. 

  • My name is Diego Quintanilla, I am a Hospitality managment major. The reason for my involvment on this team is because I have both friends and family who have been suffering with mental health dissorders for years and have seen what its many forms have done to them. My back ground in hospitality management has allowed for me to be around people with different backgrounds and get to know them on a more personal level. This has allowed me to see how many people cope with stress, the affects of stress on people, and the different mental health programs people are in to try and get help. 


    My Name is Liam Finlay and I am a Marketing Major here at DU. My involvement with mental health stems directly from sports. During my career with hockey I have seen many different forms of mental health affect many of my teammates. I want to learn more about mental health so I can better understand my peers that deal with it and hopes to gain knowledge to help them with cope with it.

    My name is Jake Durflinger and I am a Marketing and Psychology major here at the University of Denver. I recently decided to double major because of my interest in psychology and how the brain works in positive and negative ways. I find it very interesting that so many college students are affected by different mental health issues like depression and anxiety. I am excited to look deeper into the causes of these mental illnesses and discover new ways we as students and the professors around us can not only control these issues, but begin a mission to put an end to them. 

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